ScreenFix :Adjust your monitor Online and correct Dead pixels

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Adjusting monitor correctly can be complex but is necessary, especially for those engaged in the design, or playing on the computer for long hours and carry a heavy load chart every day. Some video cards include software for configuring and optimize the parameters of the monitor, but we can not always manage to correctly adjust all the monitors, or sometimes it will be more complicated if we did it in our own methods.

If your video card does not bring the necessary tools (monitor optimization softwares) to fix your screen, or the results provided by those softwares are not consistent , you can always go to ScreenFix, a practical Web application that combines 6 online tools that allow you to get maximum performance from your monitor, and at the same time it help you solve the classic problem of dead or flickering pixels in the new monitors.

The site offers six different services:

  • Gamma correction: Images with a poor gamma level could be missing on one details, and games could be alot harder to play.This checker allows you to use your video card control panel to adjust the gamma correctly.
  • Phasing Checker : lets you adjust the sharpness of the monitor where text or graphics are somewhat unfocused or getting blur image.
  • Brightness Checker: offers a gradient of gray to help you determine if the brightness of your monitor is correct and allows you to adjust your settings using your monitors on screen controls
  • Flicker Fixer :one of the most typical and common problems with the new monitors is flickering.This can be adjusted automatically through an image displayed on screen.
  • Dead Pixel Fixer:This an interesting tool that will address the classic problem of dead pixels on the monitor. According to the site,it has managed to correct the defect in 50% of cases.
  • TN Monitor Check:This a simple test to see if your monitor uses TN technology to display images. This is low budge technology that causes the imageto look different from different angles.The site suggests not to Buy a monitor with TN technology

A very useful service, which promises to improve the visual experience, especially when working with graphics, watching movies or playing on the computer.

Finally my suggestion, while using Dead pixel Fixer don’t see the screen continuously it may damage to your eye .

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