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ScanTransfer Pro Free License: Transfer Photos and Videos from Phone to PC Wirelessly

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ScanTransfer Pro is a Windows desktop application that allows you to transfer photos and videos from your smartphone to your desktop or laptop without using USB cables or connections.

The nicest feature about ScanTransfer is that it does not need to be downloaded as an app on your mobile device. You can use an iOS device without ever installing iTunes.

To begin the transfer promptly, use your camera, Twitter, or QR Scanner App to scan the QR code on ScanTransfer. The transfer speed acceleration technology integrated into the program facilitates the simultaneous transmission of multiple files.

With ScanTransfer, you can transfer data simultaneously among multiple mobile devices. It allows for concurrent transfers from various devices. ScanTransfer is an LAN (local area network) tool that ensures the security and privacy of your files during the transfer process.

ScanTransfer Pro UI

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone & Android Phone to a PC without the USB Wire / Cable?

There is a QR code included in the ScanTransfer program. Scanning the QR code with your mobile device will begin the file transmission. You can choose which files to transfer once your phone recognizes the QR code and takes you to a new window.

We may scan the QR code for ScanTransfer in three different ways: with an iOS camera, on Twitter, or with a dedicated QR scanner app on Android.

Using a QR Code Reader/Scanner App

Using a QR Scanner App is a quick, simple, and secure way to read QR Codes. Scan the QR code using your Android phone’s QR Scanner app. Once completed, you will receive a notification on your phone. By selecting the notification, a window will appear on your phone, allowing you to choose the files you wish to send. To start transferring content from your mobile device to your computer, simply use the “Select Files” button.

Via your iOS camera

Launch the iPhone Camera app and scan the QR code. The top of your phone will also display a notification. Confirm the message by tapping on it. It will then take your mobile device to a window where you can choose the files you wish to send. To start copying content from your mobile device to your computer, use the “Select Files” button. The process of your transfer must begin immediately.

Using Twitter

Everyone is familiar with Twitter and its functionality. With ScanTransfer, you can easily start the transfer process by scanning the QR code using your Twitter account.

To update your profile, open the Twitter app and select “Profile” from the menu. Look for the “QR Code” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Tap on it and use your device’s QR Code Scanning feature to scan the code. A window will appear, asking you to visit an external URL. Select “OK,” and it will take you to the ScanTransfer window. To start copying content from your mobile device to your computer, click the “Select Files” button. It’s crucial to begin the transfer process promptly.

Key Features of ScanTransfer Pro:

  • Wirelessly transfer files without USB cables or iTunes-like apps.
  • Transfer files simultaneously from multiple devices.
  • Easily transfer many photos and videos from your phone to your PC at once.
  • Keep your privacy and files secure by transferring files over a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, and 8/8.1 operating systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit).


ScanTransfer Pro Giveaway:

Just download the giveaway version either from this link or from this link [18.5 MB].

Proceed with the installation and launch the application. An activation window, similar to the screenshot below, will appear. Click the “Upgrade Now” button.

Enter the following license code and click “OK”:


That concludes the process!

ScanTransfer Pro License