Samsung Galaxy III Video teasers released

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Today at exactly 12 o’clock Samsung released two video teasers of Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone at site with a title “Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012” , but that site went don due to heavy traffic.

Yesterday Samsung mobile posted/tweeted on their Twitter account a cryptic message “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx”, at first it was confusing, later it was decoded that tgeltaayehxnx stands for The Next Galaxy. The site displayed a countdown teasing “the next step in” just under 17 hours, today the clock reached zero and two videos were revealed.

But the teasers didn’t revealed anything about Galaxy S3, just some opaque angles of galactic travel, so we have to wait London event that’s to be held on May 3.

Coming back to the two brief videos, the first 16 second teaser shows a camera panning up to what looks like aurora borealis effects and the words, “For technology to be truly smart, shouldn’t it fit into your life naturally?”

The second 63 second teaser reveals more of the same and and goes into deep space , with Samsung promising the device will become “a natural side of life”, throwing in a quick mock at those rival smartphone-carrying “sheep” namely iPhone.

So Now everything about next galaxy phone is pointed to London event that’s to be held on May 3

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  1. I hate Samsung. Really! Had it not been for the fact that the next gen of Apple iPad is called “The New iPad”, this mocking Galaxy III from Samsung wouldnt have been called “The Next Galaxy”! That was obvious mocking! Can’t this Korean company think of anything better than just copying Apple?!

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