Claim Sail Forth for Free on the Epic Games Store Now!

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Hear, hear, PC gamers! A fantastic deal is available at the Epic Games Store for all adrenaline seekers and adventurers out there.

Sail Forth, a popular indie game is available for free for a limited time at the Epic Games Store. Now is the perfect time to raise the anchor and travel the virtual seas in search of adventure.

What is Sail Forth?

Developed by Festive Vector, this solo adventure game lets players create their seafaring tale.

Ship customization, treasure hunting, and interactions with fisherfolk and pirates are all part of the game.

This simulation game guarantees a wonderful adventure on the high seas with its magnificent visuals and interesting gameplay.


The player is free to roam a randomly created landscape filled with islands, hidden treasures, and enemy ships.

Experience the thrill of strategic ship-to-ship warfare and the excitement of sailing the boundless seas with the game’s intuitive controls and dynamic sailing features.


The wide variety of ship customization choices is one of the game’s most notable characteristics.

From the hull and sails to the weaponry and crew, players have complete creative control over their ships.

Players can immerse themselves in the game and give their ship a unique identity thanks to this level of personalization.

How to Claim Your Free Copy?

From January 11th through the 18th, you can get this game—worth $19.99—for free on the Epic Games Store.

To grab your free copy, visit this

Click the “Get” button, log into your Epic Games account (or create a new account).

Next, hit the “Place Order” button to add the game to your Epic Games store library.

After the game is claimed, it becomes yours to keep and enjoy indefinitely.


The free games offered by the Epic Games Store never cease to amaze and entertain players. A hidden gem, “Sail Forth” provides a one-of-a-kind, engrossing gaming experience.