Safeshare : Safeway to Watch & Share YouTube Videos

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While YouTube is the most popular video streaming service, watching videos on it isn’t the nicest experience. Even if you don’t intend to, you end up reading the comments, and the ads end up cluttering the site’s UI. However, there are a couple of options that let you watch videos in peace. SafeShare is a service that lets you share videos and is quite devoid of clutter. You have to provide the YouTube link of the video to generate a SafeShare link. SafeShare allows you to customize the video—you can change the name, background theme, sharing options and even specify which part of a video you with to share.

Selecting a part of the video is quite simple click on Play Length to start playing the video in a small screen and when you reach the point you want the video to start from, simply click on ‘Beginning’, and dick on ‘End’ where you wish to stop. SafeShare will generate a link for the video, and you can now share it via social networks, email, etc. SafeShare.TV is especially handy when you want to share a video on YouTube with an underage audience.


If you are using  Chrome browser there is a similar service calledQuietube’, which is available as an add on for the browser.  When you install the Quietube  extension on  Chrome browser and watch a video on YouTube, a circle like icon  will appear in the address bar and clicking on it will let you watch the video without comments and other distracting functionalities. The add-on also supportsViddler and Vimeo.