SafeDNS- Safe @ Home Plan Free License [Win,Mac, Android & iOS]

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SafeDNS is a DNS service that protects your family or devices from malware and other unwanted content it acts as an extra layer of online security.

Although many of us rely on security software for securing devices, without software and just setting /changing DNS Name servers SafeDNS  offers a simple way of protecting  devices from intrusive advertising, phishing sites,  botnet, and other unwanted intruders

This cloud-based service ensures safer internet by offering web content filtering and parental control.SafeDNS can cover all your Internet-connected devices with any OS, from tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and laptops.

This DNS-based service protects devices connected to your router from malicious websites, malware, bots, and suspicious ads. Also, the service helps you to protect your kids from accessing inappropriate websites, safe DNS provides full control over the content.

Using this service is simple, it offers both software and web-based control. If you don’t prefer software, just change the DNS nameservers on your home router to SafeDNS and control settings from your account dashboard.

Also, you can download SafeDNS Agent to your windows system and enter the username and password you use for logging into SafeDNS in the settings window.



  • Block adult sites and other unwanted content
  • Block sites containing viruses, scams and other dangerous content
  • Protects against botnets
  • Prevents intrusive and malicious ads
  • Protection for all devices connected to your home router

SafeDNS- Safe@Home Plan free Subscription:

The Safe@Home plan costs $19.95 per year, now you can get 6-month subscription worth $9.95 for free by following below instructions.

1. Visit the , register an account by entering your email address, password and promotional code as  swos2019
2.Download windows installer from your dashboard or from here, which is just 6MB and install the software.
3. Launch the agent, enter credentials and you can see the internet is under control, you can switch on and off this service with a password.

After you’ve done with the setup, you can start to configure settings content filter on your computer or router.

For Mac, Android, and iOS follow .

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