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Bitdefender Safebox : Secure Cloud Storage Service

Safebox is a secure cloud storage service from Bitdefender, one of the top security software developers in the world.With safebox, Bitdefender jumped into cloud storage space and offering users a secure file locker, where they can store important files remotely and access , sync and share them through different platforms, for instance PC’s,mobile phones and tablets.

For now Bitdefender Safebox is available for PC and Android users,a version for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) will be available very soon.

The Safebox is now available for users in 3 types of plans,first the free plan provides 2GB of free online storage with all features. If you need more space you can can opt for a 30GB plan, available for $89.95 (£24.99) per year, or a 60GB plan, available for (£54.99) per year.

“With just a click, users can sync, store and share documents with any number of friends,” Product Manager Cosmin Sandu said. “Throughout the product design and beta testing, we emphasised user convenience and ease of use. Safebox offers a perfect solution to prevent data loss as well.”

Safebox allows users to manage their files from any Internet-connected device, including those without Safebox installed via

Users can synchronize multiple folders, automatically back up files when they are changed,Bitdefender says that unlike other synchronization applications that only synchronize one folder, Safebox allows you to backup and sync an unlimited number of folders, no matter where they are stored on the PC hard drive.

At the same time, Safebox guards the privacy of users’ files by encrypting them when they are uploaded and when they’re stored on the remote servers.

Bitdefender Safebox Features :

  1. Store critical data off-site on a secure server, plus sync files between your devices
  2. Instantly backs the files the moment a change is detected.
  3. Backup and sync an unlimited number of folders
  4. Send large files with ease
  5. Access all of your backed up files from any Web-connected device
  6. Mark files as favorites from your mobile devices and use them even when you’re not connected to the Internet.
  7. Sync, share and backup files from any PC, IOS, or Android device.
  8. Time machine: Tracks file changes and keeps earlier versions of in a comprehensive database.
  9. keeps your private data safe, by encrypting them when they are uploaded, as well as when they are stored on remote servers.

Download Bitdefender Safebox :

For PC :
For Android :

My View :

In short, Bitdefender Safebox is nothing but a Similar Drop box service with a security tag,also we already have a similar service AVG LiveKive or AVG AirSpace, offers 5GB free storage with same features. Also Windows Live SkyDrive , which is built right into the interface of Windows 8 offers 25GB free storage.

I think Bitdefender is late in entering cloud-based backup market and safe box has same features are already offered by other online backup & synchronization applications.The app has no innovative features, however if you don’t have dropbox or new to this type of service, 2GB free cloud storage from bitdefender is worth to try.

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