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Sable-Open World exploration game is free for 24 Hrs ($24.99 value)

Sable Game Box Shot-

Sable is an engaging open-world exploration game, created by Shedworks and distributed by Raw Fury. In September 2021, it came out for PC, Mac, and Linux.

A Moebius-inspired desert serves as the backdrop for this breezy role-playing game. You take on the role of the game’s protagonist, a young woman riding a hoverbike across a vast and mysterious desert world. The game takes place in a near-future world where the desert has had a profound impact on society’s culture and technology.

For today only, you can get this $24.99 PC game for free from the Epic Games Store.

Until December 19, 2022 (4 PM UTC), or for one day, this game will be available at no cost at the Epic Games Store.

Grab the game by visiting this Epic Games Store page:

About Sable Game:

Sable Game

This RPG takes inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for its open world design. From the stamina bar and free-climbing to the eerily similar musical cues, Zelda’s influence is all over this game.

The player takes control of Sable, a young girl who must complete a coming-of-age ritual by finding a mask and returning to her nomadic clan.

The girl meets a variety of characters as she travels across the desolate desert planet of Midden, all of whom aid her in discovering her place in the universe and task her with various challenges, many of which involve solving puzzles and traversing ancient ruins or rock formations.

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Since we explore the narrative through NPC dialogue and environmental cues, such as the ruins of an ancient civilization, the game has no predetermined storyline or combat.

It focuses on solving simple puzzles and finding things as you move through sand dunes and ruins. A stamina meter that lets you run, climb, and glide controls the platforming through the air.

The open-world gameplay and gorgeous hand-drawn graphics in Sable have earned it a lot of praise. It’s been lauded for both its engaging story and the weight of the decisions players can make within it.

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