Runtastic Heart Rate Pro App Available Free for both Android & iOS

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Runtastic Heart Rate Pro app lets you check your heart pulse with the help of your Smartphone Camera, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The free(lite) version for iOS offers only 3 pulse measurements per day, whereas the pro version ($1.99) provides as many pulse measurements as you want.

Now for a limited time period, Runtastic Heart PRO app is available for free for both Android & iOS users, all you need to do is visit app stores on your devices and get the Pro app for free.

For iOS- Visit App Store.

For Android – Visit Google Play Store.

Download the Runtastic Heart Rate PRO App today, turn your iPhone /Android phone into your personal HEART RATE MONITOR. Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere – when you wake up, before & after exercise or after a stressful business meeting.

The app measures your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone camera sensor, helping you get a better sense of your overall health and fitness.Not only measure your pulse, but also compare different results, receive reminders for regular HR measurements and benefit from an array of other features.

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro


    1. Unlimited measurements: Determine your heart rate anytime, anywhere & as often as you like
    2. Use filters: Filter your measurements according to type (resting HR, pre& post-workout HR, maximum HR)
    3. Graphs to check your progress: Monitor how your resting heart rate develops
  1. Reminder: Receive automatic notifications for regular HR measurements
  2. No ads

How to use Runtastic Heart Rate Pro:

  1. Place and lightly hold your (index) finger against the back camera lens and flashlight
  2. Do not press too hard, otherwise, blood circulation will be altered and the results could be affected.
  3. When using an iPhone or iPad without a flashlight, be sure to take the measurement in a well-lit area (bright daylight works best)
  4. Remain calm and try not to move too much during the measurement, as this can compromise measurement accuracy
  5. Do not measure with cold fingers when the blood circulation is poor