Runbow and DRL for Free

Runbow and The Drone Racing League Simulator Games Available for Free

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Runbow, a nine-player local co-op game, and racing game The Drone Racing League Simulator are free new games available on the Epic Games Store this week.

The Epic Games Store is a great place to find free games to play, and right now they have two options: local multiplayer chaos and drone racing.

From September 29 to October 6, you can get Runbow, a crazy multiplayer game, and The Drone Racing League Simulator, a neon-coloured drone racing game, for free.

Visit the below links to get both titles for free.


The Drone Racing League Simulator:

About Runbow Game:

Runbow Game

In this fast-paced and entertaining multiplayer game, up to nine players can compete locally or online. The levels are colour-coded, and as the background colour shifts, platforms and obstacles of the corresponding colour vanish

There are more than 140 single-player levels to keep you on your toes and familiarize you with the game’s mechanics, and the game also features a wide variety of multiplayer modes, such as Run, Arena, and King of the Hill, that can be played in privately hosted matches or in open play against anyone across the world.

About The Drone Racing League Simulator:

The game puts players in the cockpit of a drone and centres on high-octane races set on actual tracks from the Drone Racing League.

According to its proponents, this simulator not only lets players experience all the fun aspects of racing drone video games like crashing and wrecking, but it also helps them learn how these machines function in the real world.

The Drone Racing League Simulator-DRL

The DRL development team claims that mastering the simulator will prepare you to become a professional pilot in the league itself thanks to its use of “advanced aerodynamic modelling and one-to-one physics with data from real-world drones, so every push and pull mimics that of a DRL drone.”

If you’ve ever been curious about drone racing, you can now try it out for free thanks to Epic Games and The Drone Racing League Simulator.