Run any application as Windows service with Application as Service: Review and Giveaway

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If you are a computer savvy user you might have need more control on your system. Starting any application or program does not demand any expertise but in case you want to run a custom application as windows service you might need to Google and the regular solutions does not give you as much freedom as you want.

Application as Service is an advanced system utility from Eltima Software which lets you run any application as Windows service, as well as create and manage system services locally or on any remote computer, benefiting from all of the advantages native Windows services provide and most importantly without the need of any programming skills.

You are free to choose the most preferable way of launching any application as service. You can create services using graphical interface, command line or XML configuration file – all of these options are available in Application as Service.

You can create a service in seconds without modifying any of your existing applications and keep it running without the need of an end-user session.

Application as Service can run any applications at a definite time or date.  You need to set all the scheduling parameters and let this utility do the rest! This option is very convenient for backup utilities and different reminders.

You can easily manage all the applications you want to run as services: run them interactively or silently, run applications at certain order, run them with the specific user rights and process priority and even before user’s logon, gracefully close console and Windows apps, manage pop-up windows. You can also specify the desktop you would like your application to be run on, choose any system environment variables and define Load Order Groups for each application.

With Application as Service you can even manage additional programs to run before/after the service or program start/stop.

Application as Service offers additional options such as advanced recovery (restart the service your application is started by; restart computer; launch additional applications), sophisticated dependencies mechanism, possibility to grant your application certain rights/priority and to bind to specific processors, “consistent-application-crash” protection, forced application exit, graceful console and Windows applications exit, on-the-fly startup customization and lots more.

Application as Service is naturally a command-line driven application. The graphical user interface it provides is a front-end to console application which simplifies the whole process of installing and launching your application as service.

However, if you find it more useful and convenient for your tasks to use command line, Application as Service will help you generate command line options to automate the process in future.

If you have an application that you prefer to run as a Windows service, Application as Service can offer you a number or advantages when handling the application:

Complete feature-list of the program is the following.

More detailed information about this software can be found here

Application as Service is compatible with:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  • All 64-bit platform

Eltima Software offers free Trial version of Application as Service for evaluation purposes. During 14-day Trial period you can test all the features of Application as Service.

Trial version can be downloaded here.

   File: application_service.exe  (6.86Mb)
   CRC-32: 9873ca83
   MD4: 7a09896c5a9049dd6c05945a63f8c414
   MD5: 2574e2195594f3c8b60529c09d13d0c3
   SHA-1: ff45e85583088595b6cdd47020d7b3cafc59c5ab

Software installation was a breeze. A desktop icon is created and to example service “Notepad” and “Calculator”.

Few screenshots


Anna Brooks from Eltima Software Company has agreed to giveaway 5 licenses for our blog readers each worth $79.95. To ask for a license follow the rules:

  • This tool is for specialized use. Convince me that you are in a definite need of this software and that your problem won’t be solved without such advanced/special tool. Try to say in your words, avoid copy-paste.
  • Take a screenshot of your desktop, upload it to and leave a link here. You might want to remove items with sensitive/offensive name from the desktop. why I need this? Lets say, it’s just a wish….. I like to see how different desktop environment suits different minds and sometimes this leaves a hint how experienced an user is.

About the license

 The giveaway will run for 7 days and will run until 24th Dec, 2011, 23:59 hrs.

Have a nice day.


Clarification on the rules I have made

From my previous experience I have seen few comments that just only asks for licenses without saying anything else or something very casual.

In limited license giveaway I have always liked when people comment in a more detailed way saying their need for the software. I have usually discriminated these comments from those casual comments because casual comments don’t reflect your need for the software.

This time I am being more strict because this is a specialized tool. This is not for everyone’s daily usage. Moreover a license costs $80. So, I don’t want to go it to wrong hands. Asking for a screenshot of your desktop without giving too much explanation of the way to do, is to discriminate experienced users from common ones. I am not in need of your personal info. You are free to remove sensitive wallpaper/file-names/file-icons from your desktop.


Giveaway ended..!! Winners will receive their license soon..!!


    1. Taking Screnshot, uploading and attaching a link here and making a comment will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. If you are not ready to do even this much for a $80 application then you are welcome to buy it atleast that will give the developers revenue for what they have coded.
      Moreover this is a specialized tool not for everyone and for regular use. I have seen many guys just asking for a license. I doubt if they have even read the article properly. The rules are made to distinguish between serious comments and those casual comments.

      1. I see that you have a reasonable cause. Still my personal belieft is it’s worth it not worth it as the chances of receiving a license out depends on your personal perception of the commentator.

        I needed one for some time because the latest version of LogMeIn Hamachi fails to load the system tray icon most of the time if not always. A software like this would help me to render “hamachi-2-ui.exe” the executable responsible for loading the system tray icon as a Windows service.

        Any way I decided to buy the software. I believe paying for it is much better than to wait in anticipation after submitting these details and then to be disappointed after finding out I couldn’t convince the writer…

      2. sorry about the typos. Using a laptop and I am not much familiar with its key board layout…

      3. I understand you point but trying to convince me is a better option than waiting to win a random giveaway. Atleast you won’t have to depend on your luck too much.

      4. I further thought about all the labor you must be investing on this blog. I don’t think maintaining a daily give away blog is easy as it seems.

        I must mentioned that I love Advanced SystemCare 4 which you introduced in a previous post. It really made my PC perform like a brand new machine.

        By the way, kindly accept my sincere apologies as to my initial comment was very rude. I could have expressed my views in a much diplomatic manner.

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere, taking a screenshot isn’t too much trouble at all.

    I’ve seen numberous giveaways that require you to jump through with multiple hoops with subscribing, commenting and sharing / tweeting on sometimes 2 – 4 different social networks. That’s what I call a lot of work.

    Also with Imgur you don’t even have to have an account and they provide a deletion link in case you don’t want it permanently online.

    Took a minute to clear my desktop, take the shot, name it and save. Then another minute to pull up Imgur, upload it and then email the deletion link to my email acct. And then a couple of minutes to write up this comment, which has been fun. OK, perhaps I’m a bit strange. 😉 Oh, well.

    This is a very intriguing tool which I’ve already thought of one possible use for. Have to think about this some more. I’m very interested and would like to request a license.

  2. HI

    Now thankyou sugay for this giveaway,if i say i can not live without this software ,it is surely a lie,just that this can make few things simple for me, like few of my start up progrems try to connect itself to their home once i logon even before i get connected to the internet. so with this i can make them start after the system is connected to the internet , this way the update of theese programs will seldom fail. And few start up program always prompt the UAC window immedieately after logon , hope even this could be taken care of with the help of this program.hope i was Successful in expressing myself, sorry for my bad english and spelling mistake.

    my desktop screenshot is :

  3. I live in a rough neighborhood and my laptop recently got stolen. I had a tracking software, but it wasn’t really hidden, so he was on to me, and removed it. I had to get a new laptop. I need this kind of program to allow this tracking software to start up with my PC, and to run secret. Screenshot:

  4. Dada,

    U have put a great review!!

    I would refrain from posting a screenshot of my desktop, rather will list out the features/points due to which I would like to have this.

    Frankly speaking I was not aware on running an application as a (windows) service. The different options graphical interface, command line or XML configuration file are really useful, though I would better go with graphical interface.

    Another very useful thing is the ability to launch applications before login, for any user and with specific user rights.

    VMWare and multi-processor support is going to be very useful for me.

    After going through their wiki, I understood that using this is not a child’s play and requires some good effort & knowledge.

    Some questions:

    1. As I understand it is a service, so for every new service added, does it require a reboot?
    2. Does it equally supports both 32 & 64-bit applications (as a service) on a 64-bit OS?

    Appreciate if you could count me in.


      1. Thanks Sujay.

        I was asking ANNAMALAI what gadgets he is using, the ones that show in his posted image (desktop right side).

        The sound, wan, cpu, etc…they looks very good than the CPU meter that I’m using now.


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