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Rocket Boost Free Unlock code for Rocket League

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A new Rocket Boost item can be unlocked for free for a limited time in your Rocket League game with a Redeem code. The developers of the game are giving away a code to unlock the new item in the game, this code will be available only for a limited time.

The Redeem code Works on all Platforms  [PC/PS4/Switch/XBox One], to get the Popcorn Boost, all you need to do is launch the game and you can notice  ‘Extras’ bar right on the menu page, go to Extras and select ‘Redeem Code’,  then enter the code as popcorn.

rocket boost

This code will give you a Limited Popcorn Rocket Boost!

Also on April 7th, the game developers released unlocked code that adds 2 free WWE items (out of 11), click here to get Free Unlock Code for WWE Items.

Rocket Boosts are a customization option in Rocket League. They shoot out of the back of the Battle-Car when using the boost, and depending on the car used, either shoot out in a single or double trail. Rocket boosts record the time of boost used while equipped.

Prior to July 5, 2017, rocket boosts were known as Rocket Trails. They were renamed to avoid confusion with the new supersonic trails.

rocket boost unlock code