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Rokaplay Publisher Free game Giveaway - Get any one of the 4 games

Rokaplay Free Game Giveaway

Roakaplay, a game developer and publisher has started a Steam giveaway and offering 4 games for free, but you have to choose only one game.

The giveaway includes Last Resort Island, Fantasy Quest Solitaire, Zombie Solitaire 2 Chapter 1, and The Forgotten Land.

The developer has started this free game giveaway to promote the launch of their new game called “Beasties – Monster Trainer Puzzle RPG”.

To get any of the 4 games offered by Roakaplay you need to add Beasties – Monster Trainer Puzzle RPG game to your Steam wishlist.

If you are interested in this giveaway, visit this

Fill the form by entering your email address and choosing any one of the 4 games, hit the “Submit” button.

The steam key for the game you chose will be sent to all on Thursday, November 2.
About Last Resort Island Game:
A fun three-match game for casual gamers from Rokaplay. This title features 96 match-3 levels that are well-balanced in terms of casual difficulty.
Several side quests invite the player to take part in a 15-level solitaire challenge, solve certain logical issues, or complete rotating jigsaw puzzles. The major mission revolves upon gradually constructing an island resort using the money earned by finishing Match-3 stages.
About Fantasy Quest Solitaire Game :
A beautiful solitaire game with a cute plot, different puzzles other than solitaire hands, and 100 levels to complete with mini-puzzles at every 10 levels. Mini-puzzles range from small jigsaw puzzles to shooting down bubbles before they reach the end-line, match-3, hidden object scenes, and so on. Collectible stickers are awarded at random throughout the solitaire stages, and they win you coins.
About Zombie Solitaire 2 Chapter 1 Game:

A fun solitaire game with a decent story, achievements, and trading cards.

The match-three mini-game is quite difficult. Fortunately, the mini-games have a “casual mode” that allows for unlimited moves. The powerup cards are incredibly simple to acquire and utilize, almost too simple.

About The Forgotten Land Game:

A turn-based Combat & Puzzle Match 3 game with simplified RPG and management components.


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