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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Filament Games are now Free

Rising Storm 2- Vietnam and Filament Games for Free

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a first-person shooter and the puzzle game Filament are now available for free.

Since Thursday has passed, gamers on the Epic Games Store can now redeem two free games.

The popular PC portal, Epic Games Store, has announced that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Filament are this week’s free games.

Download the first November free games from Epic Games Store right now; they’ll be available for free for a week. From now until next Thursday, all PC users of the Epic Games Store can grab two games at no cost. Of these two games, one is a first-person shooter, and the other is an action-adventure puzzle game. Also, both games have received positive reviews on Metacritic.

Filament, a puzzle game made by Beard Envy and Kasedo Games, got an 82 Metascore when it came out. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a shooter made by Antimatter Games and released by Tripwire Interactive in 2017. It has an 81 score on Metacritic.

You can get these two games from the Epic Games Store through the links below.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam:


About Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

The developers of this multiplayer tactical shooter set out to create an experience that was both historically accurate and enjoyable to play, depicting the Vietnam War that would appeal to a wide audience.

The game’s core concept is Red Orchestra reimagined for a contemporary audience. Very few games successfully balance realism, fun, and the need for teamwork.

In every match, teamwork is essential to victory, and the game actively punishes players who try to go it alone by making it difficult to survive a single bullet.

This multiplayer shooter puts a premium on teamwork and communication between members of the same squad.

The game also provides them with a wide variety of game modes and character classes to learn and master.

In this game’s main multiplayer modes, you can take control of the United States Army and Marines, the North Vietnamese Army, or the Viet Cong. All three of the game’s modes are excellent, despite the limited selection.

The developers preserved the territory control mode from the Red Orchestra in Antimatter, and they introduced a new skirmish mode; however, the large-scale combat in supremacy is the true show-stopper. Many maps are available for each mode, covering a wide range of environments. City streets, hills, rice fields, plantations, and plenty of dense jungles will all play a role in the war being waged in Vietnam.

They put an obvious amount of care and attention into making the game’s combat system feel realistic. Over thirty weapons are available to use for both sides, each of which is historically accurate and fully functional in its own right, with features such as detachable bayonets, automatic fire, adjustable stocks, and a more realistic feel to the controls than in most games.

About indie puzzler Filament:

Over 300 challenging levels await you in this single-player puzzle adventure, all of which involve tying cables around column switches.

All the crew of the research vessel Alabaster mysteriously vanished after an incident, and the ensuing puzzles take place on board.

Solving more puzzles and exploring the ship further will lead you to more information about the incident.

Step aboard one of The Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels, the Alabaster, and try to wrest control back from a mysterious complication that has locked the ship down and caused the crew to vanish.

The ship’s crippled pilot, with only Juniper for help, must solve increasingly hard puzzles to learn what happened to the crew and why they vanished.

Take on the challenge of boarding the Alabaster and then leaving it—it’s a single-player game with difficult but highly addicting puzzles.

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