Rising Hell and Slain Back from hell

Rising Hell and Slain: Back from Hell Games Now Available for Free

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Rising Hell, a vertical rogue-lite platformer, and Slain: Back from Hell, an addicting platform game inspired by heavy metal culture, are now free to download.

Free PC games are available at the Epic Games Store every Thursday evening. With Rising Hell and Slain: Back from Hell, this week’s games seem to have something in common: they are both very metal.

Both games are available for free at the Epic Games Store from October 6 to October 13, 2022.

Visit the below links to get both titles for free.

Rising Hell:

Slain: Back From Hell:

Rising Hell Game

About Rising Hell:

This is an action-packed vertical platformer roguelike (a subgenre of role-playing video games) with heavy gothic metal. After its release on Steam in 2021, the game was rated positively by more than 180 users (or 91% of the total).

It’s an intense action game in which you control one of three demons trying to escape Hell by making their way up its walls while fending off hordes of adversaries, dodging traps, and ultimately vanquishing Hell’s lieutenants.

The game’s gameplay consists of two different modes: a story-driven “campaign” mode and a timed “challenge” mode. The game features a character unlock system where you can gain access to additional playable characters, each with its own special abilities and play style.

About Slain: Back from Hell:

Wolf Brew Games made and Digerati Distribution published this platformer. Inspired by the original “Slain!” game, which was reworked and released again on August 2, 2001, this one features a fresh look and feel.

The player must fight their way up the vertical axis of a randomly generated and constantly shifting depth of hell while dodging waves of bloodthirsty abominations. The plan is to break free and bring the evil master, Lucifer, back to life on the surface.

Players must overcome a variety of creatures, bosses, and living traps as they traverse Beelzebub’s Lair and other pits of hell. Heavy metal riffs and beautiful, grotesque pixel art set the mood for this adventure.