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Rise of Industry PC Game Free for a Limited Time: Save $29.99 and Enjoy a Strategic Tycoon Game

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Do you enjoy tycoon simulations? Do you enjoy the challenge of creating and running your own manufacturing behemoth? If so, then for a limited time you can get the PC version of Rise of Industry for free, a $29.99 value.

Free stuff is great, and every week at the Epic Games Store you can get a new PC game for nothing. Rise of Industry, made by Dapper Penguin Studios, is this week’s Free game. Until March 9th, you can get this normally $29.99 game for free.

Get Rise of Industry PC Game for free:

  • Just go to this page on the Epic Games Store: https://store.epicgames.com/0af838.
  • Click where it says “Get.”
  • Sign in with your existing Epic Games account, or register a new one, to get started.
  • After clicking “Get,” a confirmation/review window will appear. You can examine your purchase before making a final decision.
  • To submit an order, click the “Place Order” button.
  • Once you placed the order, you can find the game in your Epic Games library.
  • The free game is also accessible via the desktop client, Epic Games Launcher.
  • The deadline for this giveaway is next Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Overview of the Rise of Industry Game:

Dapper Penguin Studios developed this PC game and released it on May 2, 2019.

The player’s goal in this early-20th-century-set simulation game is to create and run a successful industrial empire. Players must make strategic decisions about production, logistics, research, and trading to grow their business and dominate the market.

As the player, your goal is to expand your initial industrial holdings into a thriving metropolis. You can accommodate your play style by choosing a focus on trading, production, gathering, or some combination of these. The game is constantly growing and adapting to your play style, so you’ll never get bored.

Here are a few of the game’s most prominent features:

  • This game uniquely crafts each player’s experience for them. The game’s design flexibility allows you to focus on any combination of trading, production, and gathering.
  • The game’s 1930s-era setting is a procedurally generated world that is both alive and dynamic. This makes sure that your gaming experience is unique every time.
  • The R&D process provides opportunities to learn about new technologies and develop new methods for growing and improving a company. With this, you can dominate your industry and leave your rivals in the dust.
  • The game’s graphics are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. If you’re a fan of minimal aesthetics, you’ll love the low-poly style.
  • Despite its depth and complexity, the game is straightforward and easy to pick up and play.

Rise of Industry PC Game