Ringblender create your own ringtones

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Ringblender is an online service that lets you design your own ringtones for Mobiles through various tools deployed in their flash interface. You can play around with different instruments, notes, effects, sound effects and voices just by dragging and dropping on the “editor”.

The system has a fairly wide repertoire of sound effects, so we will have no problems in creating original ringtones . we can listen to the changes of sounds that we made and change things if we are not convinced with the effects ..e.t.c

Now comes the ugly part of the service, which is what we are not accustomed to do ,becoz normally we will not comment on payment services in the blog, but I found this interesting. The problem is that the site does not offer downloading of ringtone directly, we must “send”, with the consequent expense that would involve. We have to send a text message with a download link,that accompanies with downloading cost.

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