Right Click Enhancer :Customize your right click Context menu

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Right Click Enhancer is one the useful  Windows customizing tool, that  will enhance the  capabilities of your context menu. So  with this useful toolkit,  you can manage the options that appear in the right-click context menu.

Actually Right Click Enhancer is combination of  Seven tools  which include : Right Click Tweaker,  File Types Editor, Send To Manager,  Right Click Editor IE, New Menu Editor , Smart Renamer and SmartSFV.


The application has a simple interface that lets you access all its features in a single window, when you run the  application, you can see all the tools available and their functionality in main user interface of Right Click Enhancer as seen in the above screenshot. You can open any of the tools by clicking on the name of the tool represented with blue color and underline.

Coming back to the details of the Seven modules or tools, first  Right Click Tweaker lets you add various functions to the menu, including  the ability to quickly rename  multiple files and access the control panel.

With this tool you can add useful options to your right click menu. These options are very useful for daily PC work and save your time by providing an easy way from day to day operations like copy paste, rename and others. This tool  provides option to add almost 18 functions to your Right click menu,

Clicking on Right Click Tweaker launches a window with the following options:

  1. Verify files : Adds option to verify file integrity using SFV files (CRC32 checksum) .
  2. Encrypt :  This tweak lets you encrypt files and folders by directly from right click.
  3. Copy Content :  Adds option to copy content of text files (bat, cmd, css, html, js, logs, Reg, rtf , txt, cs and vbs files ) directly into the clipboard.
  4. Smart Renamer:  Rename multiple files easily using features like search and replace, mp3 IDv3 tags,  JPEG exif tags and file attributes data.
  5. Open command prompt as an admin : adds an option to open a command prompt at the location of the drive or folder with administrator privileges.
  6. Copy to and Move to:   You can copy and move files using this  dialog.
  7. Calculate and compare file hash :  With this you can  calculate SHA1, MD5 and CRC32 and verify other files with these hash functions.
  8. Edit with notepad: open any file in notepad using  right click
  9. Problem Steps Recorder :  Adds PSR tool to right click menu, Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe) is an app released for  Windows 7 and Windows 8. This feature enables the collection of the actions performed by a user while encountering a crash so that testers and developers can reproduce the situation for analysis and debugging.
  10. Run as Administrator : Run archive files (rar,7z or zip) with  administrative privileges
  11. Control Panel : open Control Panel directly from right click.
  12. System Configuration Utility : Launch MSConfig function with this option
  13. Print file list : lets you print file list directly by right clicking drive or folder and selecting this option.
  14. Create file list :  Adds option to create a file list directly by right clicking a folder.
  15. Take Ownership : Gives you direct read/write access to the file (without going through UAC) and forces other users to go through UAC to get such access.
  16. God Mode :  Adds all the configuration options in one folder directly available in your right click menu.


Next the second tool Files Type Editor lets you associate different applications with a particular file extension, for instance through this option you can open word files with Openoffice.

The third tool  Send To Manger lets you add new folder shortcuts to the Send To menu, by adding new folder shortcuts in your send to menu, you can easily copy files to that folder without opening it.

While the fourth tool, Right-Click Editor IE lets you add, remove and disable right click menu items in Internet Explorer. You can also export those menu entries and move them to another PC without using exported registry file.

New Menu Editor  module lets you add different  or new file formats to the New Menu creator. The new menu is very useful if you often create files new files with and want predefined content present in the newly created file.

The  six and seventh modules are already added as  an option in ‘ Right click Tweaker’, However  you can use these modules for more elaborate options.

Sixth module ‘ Smart Renamer’  lets you rename multiple files using file attributes like modification date, size and others, tag associated with files like mp3 and JPEG and Search and Replace functionality.

The  seventh module SmartSFV is designed to verify or create SFV files. Normally you will find SFV files in the files downloaded from the internet, SFV is used to check whether a file is corrupted or not, by comparing the file’s CRC hash value to a previously calculated value.SFV is a short form of Simple file verification, a file format that stores CRC32 checksums of files to verify the integrity of files.

Right Click enhancer is available as  pro edition (costs $10) and free edition. You will get the ability to add application and folder shortcuts and sub menus to right click menu in the professional version.  Also you can remove or disable unwanted entries from right click menu using professional version.

Further Pro version offers free support by email, free upgrades and beta access. This app works on all  32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.However free version is more than enough for time saving, but  you  can support the developer  through pro-version which is cheaper when compared to other high-priced softwares.

Conclusion :

Right Click enhancer is the best free app for those who wish to spice up their Right click menu and save time by performing tasks directly(quickly) through the right click. The app can be used easily even by beginners  or  novice users who are unfamiliar with computers.


Download : Right Click Enhancer 4.1.2 / Right Click Enhancer portable

Developer website: rbsoft.org