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Antivirus industry is one of the fastest growing industry these days. Lots of new products are launching and getting better while some fade away with time. while there are only about 40 companies that develop complete antivirus engines there are other companies that licenses those engines and often add some in-house engine to optimize detections. Polish company ArcaBit is one of the company that develops its own engine ArcaVir for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD platforms. Although this company establishes in the year 2004 as far as I am concerned the stuffs of this company used to develop mks_vir, from Polish antivirus vendor MKS entablished in 1996. ArcaBit went forward to global market and launched their global homepage but still their software ArcaVir is less known. ArcaVir is one of the Microsoft cerfied consumer security software providers and their have recently became Microsoft Partner Silver Independent Software Vendor. ArcaBit recently have launched their launched their website for customers in Asian countries. Lately I was kindly approached by Ravindran the director of their Asian Partner Ravtach Solutions to write a review on ArcaVir products.
Arcavir mainly develops three products for home users, ArcaVir Antivirus Protection, ArcaVir Internet Security and ArcaVir System Protection. The basic difference in the offerings of these three products is shown below.

ArcaVir also distributes a free on-demand scanner ArcaMicroScan which can be downloaded from here [mirror 1, mirror 2] and a free program ArcaNix that allows quick and comprehensive check of computer resources and repair of any infection which can be downloaded from here.

I personally tested ArcaVir System Protection in my virtual test machine running 32 bit Windows XP Professional with 512Mb RAM. My findings are the following:

Installation, Update and System Impact

  • The installer for all ArcaVir products is the same. Its the license code/choice of demo version during installation that differentiate different product. The installer is 157Mb in size and is digitally signed by ArcaBit Ltd. Installation went smooth and took about 5 minutes to complete without asking for restart.
  • After installation has been finished I have found that the software integrates nicely to security center and also have started updating in background. I was asked for a restart after the first update that tool about another 10 minutes with my download speed of 64kbps.
  • Installation do not turn off Windows Firewall. Although the support informed me that ArcaVir Firewall do not interfare with the function of Windows Firewall, it is not advisable to run two software firewalls at the same time.
  • The software has a Registry Monitor, Access Control and HTTP Scanner which are not enable by default.
  • After restart everything was just fine. By default it runs 6 processes at idle time requiring 225Mb RAM and no CPU usage. While during scanning/manual updating it requires 40-45% CPU usage. The software has a registry monitor which if enabled creates another process requiring 5Mb more RAM usage.

Overall I think the system impact is little heavy regarding RAM usage but with current computers with large memory it shouldn’t be a problem. Even in my test system with 512Mb I found it light while not scanning or manually updating.

User interface and Customization options

  • The user interface is nice looking.

  • It has a few scanning profiles and it has options to create more.

  • There is an in-built task scheduler.

  • There are few tools like Backup Manager, Files Manager, Process manager etc.

  • Unlike many other security softwares it has an option to create more than one user profiles to store different  customization options and to password protect those.

  • There is a right click option to send suspicious files to ArcaVir.

  • The tray icon gives lot of useful options like starting scans, updating, backup and other tools, contacting support, training antispam, playing ArcaCoolka game, Updating ArcaVir Rescue Drive etc.
  • Now see the realtime scanner, firewall and registry monitor in action.

  • There are lots of options to customize every module, so its almost impossible to post screenshots of everything (I have collected over 80 screenshots during my review). I rarely used such a highly customizable software. Few important settings for the firewall, antispam, mail scanner, registry monitor and access control can be seen below.


  • Unfortunately, no offline help is linked with the software interface. But on pressing F1 key help opens. ArcaVir support have informed me that the offline help will soon be linked with the software interface. Help is  also gettable from online documentation or from Ravtach support website.


  • I have been playing with this software about a week and have tested multiple times with malicious links. I never have executed those malware files but in my testing of download protection it failed to block any links but have caught around 40% threats through realtime scanning. Here I have to confess that there is no chance that all of my tested malicious links are actually malicious and 40% detection with zero day/fresh malwares is not too disheartening as with few year old malwares its detection is about 95%. Moreover I have found that after submitting them malware files, they respond pretty fast.
  • They haven’t added any so-called cloud and HIPS in their product which they should to stay in the competition. Although registry monitor can be argued to be a component of HIPS. Also by seeing the news that ArcaVir uses Microsoft Azure, it seems quite exciting that Cloud Security will soon be a part of ArcaVir products. Also, ArcaVir have implemented ‘Molecule Technology’ in version 2010 which is essentially an early warning of new infections in the network and collecting information about potentially harmful objects. Furthermore, ArcaVir is currently involved in exchanging malware definitions with other antivirus companies like Sophos, Kingsoft, Microsoft, Norton.

  • The software has somewhat poor self protection as all of the running processes can be killed through Task Manager. I was informed that self-protection will be improved in ArcaVir 2012.

Now the giveaway

Ravindran has arranged total 60 licenses of ArcaVir Products, 25 each for ArcaVir Internet Security and ArcaVir System Protection and 10 for ArcaVir Antivirus Protection. I want to mention few things about the licenses.

  • The licenses can be used on 1 PC only.
  • If a user with a valid license reinstall OS, he will have to reinstall ArcaVir on the formatted PC by entering the same License Key number. It will show the remaining “UPDATE DAYS” from the previous installation and will not consider it as a new installation.
  • Each license has a shelf life upto 18 Oct, 2012.
  • ArcaVir recently have released beta of their upcoming 2012 version of softwares. ArcaVir System Protection will not be available from version 2012 onwards. All the functions and features will be included into ArcaVir Internet Security version 2012. So, licenses of both System Protection and Internet Security will work on v2012 Internet Security.
  • If you have a system running earlier version of Windows 98/ME/2000, there is a supported build of ArcaVir too. Any license can be used to activate that build.

31 day trial of the softwares can be downloaded here

32-bit system

64-bit system

So, if your antivirus license has expired, if you are not feeling secured using %&$ free antivirus or if your are bored using your current antivirus and want to use a well reputed less known security software……

  • Leave a comment below. Please mention what among ArcaVir Antivirus Protection, ArcaVir Internet Security and ArcaVir System Protection you prefer. Better give a preference order. Posts without mentioning the preference will not be counted.
  • If you can please share about this giveaway wherever you can, Blog, Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc etc. Please note that sharing this info will not increase your chances of winning but I will encourage you to do so to let more people know about it.

This giveaway will run for 21 days (upto 17th Nov) and I will then select the winners randomly and send them licenses.

Giveaway Ended

Happy Dewali and Happy Halloween



    1. Hi Ankur, yes the RAM usage is alarming if you are having low memory and try to run multiple process at the same time.

  1. Impressive review Sujay – Malware Hunter – sincere congratulations;)
    I would not mind to enter for an ArcaVir Antivirus Protection.

    Best of luck to all

  2. I want to try course my preference order is 1)ArcaVir System Protection
    2)ArcaVir Internet Security
    3)ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

  3. Hmm.. count me up too Sujay..
    It may be tested out, i dont know much about that software from ArcaVir.

    – I prefer Internet security as first choice, becourse the System Protection would be too heavy.


    1. Hello Bindegal, you are in. But the extra processes that System Protection runs are very light and almost unnoticeable.

      1. Yea.. But see, i also run on XP with 768 mb ram and a slow amd cpu on 2.17 ghz.

        – Thx for count me up.

    1. I can accept criticism. But I wrote only after extensive testing, not be thinking…:) And did I say that ArcaVir is the worst?

  4. I knew ArcaVir could be used on Linux never had a chance to use it on Windows system.

    My preffered choice would be ArcaVir Internet Security or ArcaVir Antivirus Protection.

    1. Do you want to participate? Please mention what version you want or else will not be counted in.

  5. I would like to grab this opportunity and test it. As far as I’m concerned the new things should also be welcomed and given a chance to prove if they are really worth.

  6. plz count me also
    my prefrence
    ArcaVir System Protection
    ArcaVir Internet Security
    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

  7. It seems interesting products.And with own antivirus engine.Please count me in for ArcaVir System Protection or internet security.Many thanks!

  8. Nice review, thank you for it!
    I would like to participate for a copy of ArcaVir Internet Security or ArcaVir System Protection.
    The bests,

  9. I prefer ArcaVir System Protection as a maximum security price and comprehensive protection of my data.

  10. Great giveaway please count me in too!
    Here are my preferences in order :

    1.ArcaVir System Protection
    2.ArcaVir Internet Security
    3.ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

  11. ArcaVir 2011 Protection is a program very much seen and decent. For a few months I am testing him and I had no problems with him.
    I am also checking the detectability with other programs and so far detected nothing. The Internet with this anti-virus is acting surprisingly quickly, better than from Kaspersky. Some people are writing maliciously, having a very slight contact (or at all) with programs of the ArcaVir company. I ask for licences for the Protection ArcaVir System. I am greeting

  12. Hello!
    Thank you for the nice contest. That concludes my license for antivirus software. Be very useful to me license to another program. Greetings to all involved.

  13. ArcaVir Internet Security

    The package offers comprehensive protection for networks. Built-in firewall protects against burglary and taking control over your computer, protects against theft of confidential data.

    Introduced in 2010 release a new module, firewall, enhanced with a new application provides a control mechanism: the integration of the system at the kernel level, easy to create rules (so-called learning firewall) from the window of communication with the user, pre-defined rules for packet ArcaVir. The main modules of the package are: antivirus (also detects spyware, adware, riskware, dialers), firewall, antispam, http scanner module, parental control, monitor registry antybanerowy module.

    ArcaVir System Protection

    The package of advanced tools to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, worms and other threats present on the Internet.

    The ArcaVir System Protection 2011 includes such modules as anti-virus monitor, scanner and e-mail anti-virus and firewall (firewall). Additionally, the application contains functionality that allows the detection of dialers, spyware, and marking of dangerous phishing messages. The program is equipped with a continuously updated, extensive database of viruses.

    Where a risk is possible to immediately determine the degree of risk and potential losses resulting from activation of the virus detected. In addition, the package has a registry monitor that continuously monitors changes in the sensitive area of ​​the Windows Registry

    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

    ArcaVir 2011 Antivirus Protection is a security suite to keep your PC against all types of infections, viruses, Trojans.

    The application also protects against theft of sensitive data for safe use of electronic banking. The main modules are ArcaVir Antivirus Protection Antivirus (also detects spyware, adware, riskware, dialers), mail scanner, ArcaVir Administrator. The program is equipped with a continuously updated, extensive database of viruses. Where a risk is possible to immediately determine the degree of risk and potential losses resulting from activation of the virus detected.

    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection 2011 in relation to other editions (Internet Security and Protection System) has been deprived of several features including Anti-Spam, HTTP scanner, firewall, monitor, record, or the parental control module.

    Sorry for my English, I use Google Translator.

    Here are my preferences in order:

    1. ArcaVir System Protection
    2. ArcaVir Internet Security
    3. ArcaVir Antivirus Protection!/ReviewsAntiviru

  14. Pls include me also. Support of this product is very good. I would really appreciate if Sujay da could give me a license. Nice review Sujay da.

  15. Quiero paticipar, cuenta conmigo para el sorteo, gracias.

    I paticipar, count me in for the draw, thanks.

  16. lets try that security suit:
    I want an ArcaVir Internet Security license , please count me in 🙂

  17. Very good review. ArcaVir is a good security software. My choice is ArcaVir Antivirus Protection. Thanks. Good luck to all.

  18. ArcaVir Internet Security — is best and secure for any level of user recommend for 65% of users(i like)

    but if user is advanced and need max security and protection then ArcaVir System Protection is the best ,basic users may have to deal with interactive actions based on actions

    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection is just 1 side of security ,but user has to think seriously with firewall and hips based security and must install firewall by all mean

    thank u

  19. Count me in

    I think this is the only Antivirus for Win98-ME
    Can wait to test it 🙂
    1)ArcaVir Antivirus Protection
    2)ArcaVir Internet Security
    3)ArcaVir System Protection

  20. Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.
    My preference order is

    ArcaVir Internet Security
    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection
    ArcaVir System Protection

  21. I used Arcavir Microscan a few years ago,The results were good,but now i want to use the full version of the product.
    Can u please make my dream become true??
    Now here is my preference order
    1-ArcaVir Internet Security
    2-ArcaVir System Protection
    3-ArcaVir Antivirus Protection


  22. Nice review, I’ve never used it before, thus I’d like to try it. My preference:
    ArcaVir System Protection
    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

    Thanks Sujay

  23. Some years ago I used ArcaVir Antivirus. I ogt it for free from Internet provider. Not bad. No problems. I prefer ArcaVir System Protection or Internet Security. Greetings to Sujay and readres.

  24. Nice review & Giveaway, I never use it but, I would like to try ArcaVir System Protection or Internet security.

  25. I am very interested in Arcavir Internet Security.
    So hopefully I can get this nice peace of software.

  26. For the first time heared about this security software. I would like to to try Arcavir Internet security or Arcavir system protection.

  27. I had use ArcaVir Internet Security a while back before, and i find it was quite comprehensive and protected my computer, i had to uninstall because the trial was over. I would love a chance to get a license of one of their products again. I would prefer 1-ArcaVir System Protection but if all the licenses are gone for that i would be more than willing for ArcaVir Internet Security

  28. ArcaVir offers comprehensive and good detection. My preference would be ArcaVir Internet Security, ArcaVir Antivirus Protection and ArcaVir System Protection.

  29. Nice giveaway.
    I prefer ArcaVir System protection /full protection/.
    Count me in – please.
    Thx & regards … 🙂

  30. Excellent review! harsh but fair which is a good thing. I don’t know that much about ArcaVir but the review you have written has definitely got me interested. Please count me in and once again great review. I would prefer ArcaVir System Protection but they all seem good. thank you

  31. want to try course my preference order is
    ArcaVir Antivirus Protection,
    ArcaVir Internet Security,
    ArcaVir System Protection


  32. This name ‘ArcaVir’ in security softwares is new for me, but through your impressive review, I’d like to try it too.
    My prefer is ArcaVir Internet Security, please count me in. thanks.

    Best of luck to all

  33. Hi, I never try this before and would like to figure out what is it..Please coune me in for ArcaVir System Protection..

  34. Nice review there man. Is this giveaway still available? I would like to try ArcaVir System Protection if it’s possible. Any version would do. Thanks.

  35. A completely unknown quantity.I studied a bit, which is written, but would be happy to investigate for yourself.
    Obviously, a trial is too short.And do not buy a thing unknown.And yet such a price.If I succeed, try Internet Security or System Protection.

  36. Nice review Sujay…Software looks good. Can you please count me in for
    1)ArcaVir System Protection and
    2)Arcavir Internet Security


  37. Here are my preferences:

    First Antivirus
    Second Internet Security
    Third Total Protection

    Thanks a lot for this promotion!

  38. Hello and I have been visiting Techno360 for over 1yr, and this is the first actual giveaway I have noticed and would love to apply to be involved.
    I would prefer the-:
    ArcaVir Internet Security
    because this is what would suit my HP notebook the best due to system resources and providing all the features I currently need and want in a security program.

    Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I win a copy. If there are no more Internet Security left I would much prefer the System Security than the anti-virus as it has much more of the functions I need.

    Love the Blog – Jay!

  39. Hi Sujay!

    Great site and comprehensive review. Good work!

    1st, ArcaVir System Protection
    2nd, ArcaVir Internet Security
    3rd, ArcaVir Antivirus Protection

    Thanks 🙂

  40. I will be thankful to you if i get ArcaVir Antivirus Protection or any other product from ArcaVir. Plz count me in.

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