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Resumes For Dummies (8th Edition) ebook Worth $19.99 for Free

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Resumes For Dummies (8th Edition) by Laura DeCarlo is a playbook showing you how to write powerful, targeted, and creative resumes.

This ebook answers all of the questions regarding writing resumes—whether you’re a resume rookie, looking for new tips, or want to create that eye-catching winning resume.

The eighth edition includes extensive updated information on the newest trends and changes with a one-two punch of creative elements that the tech-savvy will excitedly embrace.

Get ready for an innovative ride as the ebook takes you through fresh digital ideas — from social networking profiles to resume-capable mobile devices — and new techniques.

You will lean fresh but still a user-friendly approach to make sure your resume stands up out of a virtual stack of applicants and screams, “Read me!”

In this trusted guide, Laura DeCarlo decodes the modern culture of resume writing and offers you insider tips on all the best practices that’ll make your skills shine and your resume pop.

  • Write effective resumes that will stand out in a crowd.
  • Understand Applicant Tracking Systems and how to adapt your resume.
  • Keep your resume up with the current culture.
  • Position a layoff or other career change and challenge with a positive spin.
  • Leverage tips and tricks that give your resume visual power

In order to put your best foot forward and stand out in a pile of papers, it’s important to have an excellent and effective resume — and now you can.

Resumes For Dummies (8th Edition) normally sells for around USD $19.99, now for a limited time period, it’s available for free.

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