Make Use of Reliable vrBackupper When Playing Virtual Reality

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With the advent of VR technology, our gaming and online surfing experiences have been totally changed, we do enjoy our life there. So real, so fantastic, so surreal…To have a nice VR experience through, we need to make sure the data won’t get lost.

Saying, we may take multiple breaks in the middle of playing Edge of Nowhere, no one wants to restart the game when there is something wrong with devices, PC, or a sudden power down. (They do happen at times, right? So irritating!)

vrBackupper for oculus rift

To keep a happy face through VR playing, we can borrow some help from AOMEI, the easiest backup service provider.

Days ago, they just release a free product name – vrBackupper, which is perfect for Oculus Rift backup, guaranteeing no data get lost and you have the best VR experiences ever.

The path to it:

It has the simplest interface. Two main features embed perfectly. One is to migrate Oculus Rift – to move Oculus to another drive, the other is to backup. Migration is for moving VR to another SSD, computer with no data lost.

Backup and Restore is for backup VR when playing VR. It enables you to migrate the Oculus installation to another location or to back up or restore the Oculus installation directory.


No Need A Million Reasons, But One Good Reason – VSS

AOMEI applies advanced VSS technology to make sure you don’t need to wait for the backup safely.This Windows vrBackupper will run in the background without affecting your VR experiencing.

After install and launch it on any Windows, you will see it automatically detect and load the Oculus Rift directory for you. If you select migrate, then you only need to select the target location for the Oculus installation. And its backup and restore function is similar.

It allows you to backup / restore the whole Oculus installation directory, or you can merely backup/recovery games and applications.

Migration will be very useful if you encounter space issues on the drive Oculus Rift installed on. This tool can also be needed when you buy a new computer and want to move the data to new PC without the need to download it again.

AOMEI vrBackupper


Fast Speed

The delightful thing on vrBackupper is its swiftness. Backup is silent and speedy. Similarly, restore is also satisfying. It can speed up to top PC copy speed, maximally utilizing computer resources.


Only for Oculus Rift

Despite that vrBackupper has many advantages, I have to alert you, players, that this VR backup freeware only allows to backup Oculus games. So it can’t stand backup tasks for Sulon Cortex, Avegant Glyph, Morpheus, or other VR devices.


Final Words

AOMEI vrBackupper is a specialized backup application for Windows that all Oculus users will definitely find it useful.

If you find no need to backup virtual reality files/folders, the migration option is still worthy of taking advantage of.