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REG ORGANIZER 9.11 Free License - Keeps Windows Registry clean & Error free

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Reg Organizer by ChemTable is a Windows software that takes care of the registry on your computer. It gives you a set of tools to keep your Windows registry clean and free of errors, so you can use your computer to its fullest.

We regard the registry of a computer as the backbone of the PC. It remembers where apps are and stores certain functions and OS-specific data in a way that your computer can understand.

When a user changes something in this area, the machine quickly stops working as well. You need to clean the registry often if you want your PC to work well. The Reg Organizer is a solution you can count on.

The app’s user interface is sleek and well-stocked with useful data. In the app’s main window, there is an Express Check section that shows how much space can be saved by cleaning, how many objects can be optimized, and how much personal data has to be cleaned.


We can find other cleaning choices on the left side of the application. The first step is to execute a system cleansing and a private data scan. Optimize your PC’s startup by removing any unwanted apps.

Finally, use caution while making changes to the registry with this software; if you’re not careful, it could spell disaster for your computer.


  • Uninstall programs and remove their traces will help remove unwanted applications and their traces, thereby preventing littering up the registry and computer disks.
  • Advanced Startup Manager helps you to manage applications that run automatically when your operating system starts up.
  • The automatic cleanup feature can delete large amounts of unnecessary information and free up space on the system disk.
  • It can change many undocumented Windows settings (tweaks).
  • Advanced Registry Editor.


Just download the software from the developer’s page:

Install the software and run the app. Click “Help” in the main window and then click “Enter the License Key.”

Next, type in the code shown below.


Click the “OK” button.

Note: This code is for the version 9.11