Redmi Note 3 Users can Generate Reliance Jio Coupon

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Redmi Note 3 users  in India , now you can generate Reliance Jio Coupon code on your devices.

I have Redmi Note 3 and right from September 5th  tried to generate coupon code for Jio on my device, but it wasn’t possible although jio page says that “welcome offer” is for all 4G LTE devices and  the  FAQ on that page clearly states that Xiaomi devices  such as  Redmi Note 3 are part of the  Jio welcome offer.


The coupon code  is essential to get  a free Jio SIM, although the Company’s webpage states that  MNP also available, but the ground reality is Reliance Digital / Dx Mini  staff are clueless about  porting process and to join the Jio network for now you need to get  a new SIM with  a coupon code generated  by MyJio app.

However, Today morning  once again I tried  MyJio  app to generate Jio coupon code and I’m successful,  I think now all 4G Xiaomi devices listed in Jio webpage can generate the coupon code.


How to Generate Jio SIM on your Redmi Note 3 ?


First download and install  MyJio app  on your device, launch the app and wait for few seconds or a minute, you should see the “Welcome Offer” message on the main screen  similar to below image.


Proceed by tapping on ‘ Get Jio ‘, then enter your  State  and city, then  in the next screen enter your  First & last name, mobile number and  tap the ‘ Get  the OTP’ button.


Once you received the OTP  SMS,  enter the OTP & tap on the ‘Submit’ button to finish the process. Wait for  few seconds and the coupon code will be generated.


Take a screenshot, also when you launch the MyJio app the coupon will be visible on the main screen and now with your Aadhaar card approach nearby Reliance Digital store or Reliance Xpress Mini outlet to get the SIM as mentioned in Jio website.

Reality  :

Don’t worry if you see a long queue before 11 AM at Reliance Digital store, show the coupon & your phone number, the staff will give a token and you need to wait for a week or more  to get your SIM .

When I enquired the Reliance Digital staff  why it takes  that much longer for issuing the SIM, he said all available SIMs were exhausted on September 6th itself and they have backlog of about 1400 members waiting for the SIMs, also they started to accept only 200 coupons per day.

Further he said  that, there are users who got the SIMs & waiting for activation for more than 5 days as their activation systems are going down often.

I don’t know whether Ambani underestimated the demand or the Jio team is just trying to create hype  intentionally  making the SIMs less available.

I think this hype will fizzle out in a week or 10 days and everyone can join the network peacefully.

Note : Based on my experience in Chennai  I published this post  and the process may differ based on your place.