The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice -Science fiction RPG Available Free for PC's

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The Red Solstice is a Science fiction RPG in which a group of Space Marines reaches Mars planet from a devastated Earth in search of a new home, however, the neighboring red planet will not be as welcoming as we might expect.

The game plot starts in the year 2,280 AD and tells of a squad of survivors who have landed on Mars in search of a new home. But here, too, it’s all about survival in the end.

The Red Solstice game can be played in a co-op mode with up to eight players or you can lead your own team through the single-player mode.

In the game, 8 players will have to coöperate in a dark science fiction setting. The gameplay unfolds between 8 classes to choose from and a character development system based on Sci-Fi experience, history and setting.

The Red Solstice features

Those interested in space marines and tactical gameplay can try this game.

The Red Solstice Game Steam Key Giveaway

This tactical squad-based games normally sells for USD $19.99 but for a limited time, it’s available free for all PC (Windows) users.

The game developer Ironward and Steam Store is offering the Red Solstice game for all PC gamers free for 48 hours.

To claim this freebie, simply visit this Steam promotion/store page, log in to your account, then click ‘Install Game’ button and add the game to your library, once added it will be yours forever.