ReadPrint - Read 8000 online books for Free

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ReadPrint - Read 8000 online books for Free

You like to read books daily but you don’t have enough money to buy original books or you think buying printed books in this Online Age is waste.Then Readprint is just for you,this free online library has 8000 plus books on it’s virtual shelves.

It’s a free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. They have over 8,000 online books by 3,500 authors.


The Orgin of Species
Each author’s page not only has his/her works but also a plethora of quotations and a detailed biography. Read Print makes up for a pretty site to read books.

You can browse books based on 6 Categories
6.Short Stories

You can also check out books based on Top Authors like “William Shakespeare” and Top Books like “The Origin of Species”.