Reading Raven- Learn to read phonics adventure

Reading Raven: Learn to read phonics Android App Free

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Reading Raven is an interactive and multi-sensory learn-to-read game that gives children a rich and rewarding learning experience. This app or game usually sells for $1.99, now the app price reduced and available for free.

For the next 6 days, you can grab this app for free by visiting this Google play link on your Android device.

Designed by learning experts, Reading Raven is based on a proven phonics-based reading method that guides children, step-by-step, to become independent readers.

Each lesson introduces just a few new letters, their sounds, and words that can be made from them so children are not overwhelmed by too much new information.

Sight words are introduced gradually. Each activity builds on previous activities so children experience a natural progression from recognizing letters and sounds, to building, matching, reading and writing words.

Reading Raven guides children along the path of learning to read and helps them become independent readers and spellers. It ensures a natural progression from:

  • recognizing letters
  • tracing letters
  • building words
  • identifying words
  • reading words
  • tracing words
  • reading sentences

The interactive, multi-sensory Reading Raven app develops hand-eye coordination, reading, writing and listening skills. This helps children make strong connections between spoken and written language and provides early practice in reading comprehension.

Parents can customize Reading Raven to include only those activities they want their children to focus on.

If any activity is too advanced or too easy, it can easily be bypassed. Children will occasionally choose activities that a parent or teacher thinks are too easy for them.


reading raven


  1. Self-paced lessons take kids all the way from pre-reading to reading sentences!
  2. 11 types of super fun games/activities that teach critical sub-skills for learning to read!
  3. Configure profiles for multiple children
  4. Fully customizable by age or reading level
  5. Works on both Android phones and tablets.