Rapidshare Download Accelerator:Download multiple files from Rapidshare

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RapidShare Download Accelerator is an free efficient download manager for multiple RapidShare links.
Rapidshare download accelerator
Let one thing be clear, RapidShare Download Accelerator is not a fake software,it is not a software that can speed up the download as if we had a premium account.

But Rapidshare Download Accelerator works like those of this (premium account)nature.

Which means that,With RapidShare Download Accelerator, you can add multiple files you’d like to download, and you can just sit back leaving a few hours and watch your files download for free.

Although we still have limitations imposed by being a free account, but it will save our time for example waiting in front of the screen to start downloading other file from rapidshare server.

Link: RapidShare Download Accelerator