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Ragnarok Online Game available on Steam as Free-to-Play

MMO lovers Ragnarok Online , one of the famous massive multiplayer online role-playing game ( MMORPG) is now available on steam as free-to-play title , gamers can experience the world of Rune Midgard and over 150 levels on steam digital distribution platform.

Ragnarok online is an 2D/3D role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Players can create characters (or legends) and play the game alone or create a group with friends and explore the adventurous fantasy world, the game contains more than 150 levels and offers 40 classes which includes over 30 entertaining skills for every classes.

So among these classes you can you can select the one that suits your play style and with the help of your group you can create guilds and battle with strong MVP bosses for acquiring different equipments or chase monsters for cards to get different and customizable effects for your gear. Players can also sell these aquired items along with the items created by them, so engage in the bi-weekly Guild vs. Guild War of EmperiumPlayers and attain unique equipment or cards.

Ragnarok Online steam free

Developed by Gravity Interactive, Ragnarök Online (The Final Destiny of the Gods) was first released in Korea in 2002 and later in 2003 & 2004 it was released in North America and Europe through WarpPortal. Over a decade several variations of the game were released and now it’s available on the valve’s Steam platform as a free-to-play game.


Play Ragnarok Online on your Windows PC through Steam

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