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QILING Safe Disk Standard Free License - Data Security tool for Windows

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QILING Safe Disk Standard is a data protection utility for Microsoft Windows users. It securely stores your confidential data on your disk and enables transparent access to it from any application.

Safe Disk is a utility that enables the creation and use of encrypted virtual drives.

About QILING Safe Disk:

This is an ideal security solution for safeguarding your sensitive information from theft or other forms of attack. When you run the program, it turns a part of your hard drive into a secure one. It will be very hard for anyone to access private information on this disk.

On an existing hard drive, you build a container file that is password-protected. We can only use the virtual drive with the correct password. You can’t access the files on the virtual drive if you don’t know the password.


Once the password is correct and the drive is mounted, we can use the new virtual drive like any other drive. Files can be saved and retrieved from the drive.

The maximum size of an encrypted drive that is mapped to a container file is 2048 GB.

Safe Disk encrypts data using the following algorithms: Blowfish (448-bit key size), AES (256-bit key size), GOST (256-bit key size), and 3DES (256-bit key size) (168-bit key size).


  • Create a Secure space with this AES 256-bit Disk encryption program.
  • Protect your data in flash media and USB hard disk drives.
  • Protect your data on your PC or laptop.
  • Deduplicate image data – Automatically eliminate duplicate data and reduce the disk space consumed by data.
  • Automatically backup data – It can automatically back up your data and protect your data more secure.
  • Mount it read-only: Mount the disk read-only to prevent data on the disk from being infected or de-looped.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP.

Get QILING Safe Disk Standard for Free:

Download the Safe Disk Standard version installer from the developer page [3.11 MB].

Start the installer, finish the installation, and then run the program. On the main screen of the app, click the “Key” icon and enter the license code below.


Click the “Activate” button. That’s all!

QILING Safe Disk License