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Qiling File Shredder Full Version for Free -Get rid of sensitive data

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Qiling File Shredder is a helpful, trustworthy, and user-friendly Windows software that can permanently delete unwanted files and directories.

There is no guarantee that information you delete by using the “Delete” key on your keyboard will be totally removed from your system. Using specialized recovery software, you can effortlessly retrieve data that you don’t want in the wrong hands. That’s why it’s crucial to perform regular data cleanup using a trusted tool.

The Qiling File Shredder is an easy-to-use program that can let you delete private files and folders. Using it, you may be guaranteed that the information you delete cannot be recovered by any means.

Get rid of the disk or shared files for good. Data can be removed permanently and without difficulty. To safeguard sensitive data and personal privacy, use this File Shredder utility. All of your information will be completely unrecoverable thanks to the verified data erasure techniques. The quick wiping speed is a great time-saver. It also barely uses any of the computer’s resources.

QILING File Shredder was designed with simplicity in mind, featuring a single large green button to add the files and folders you wish to destroy. If you ever need to completely erase everything from a hard disk, you can do it by running it through this file shredder.

Qiling File Shredder UI

The sole configurable option is the number of times the program should erase the selected items (files, folders, or drives). This Qiling program can execute data wiping and permanently delete the selected files in a short amount of time. The total time required is, of course, proportional to both the size and quantity of the files involved. An on-screen confirmation message appears once the action has been completed.

Qiling File Shredder Features:

  • Get rid of files forever by shredding and erasing them from your hard drive.
  • Perform a non-destructive wipe of all existing and previous data on HDD and SSD to increase reading performance.
  • Wipe certain partitions and volumes to improve performance while keeping their ability to be used in the future.
  • Unwanted data can be erased quickly and safely from memory cards, USB drives, SD cards, digital cameras, and external drives.
  • FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2, ext3, and HFS+ are all supported file systems.

Get Qiling File Shredder for Free:

Just download the software from the developer page :

Install the software and open the app. On the main screen, click the “Burger” menu icon, and then click “Activate Now” in the drop-down menu.
Enter the below license code.


Click the “OK” button.

Qiling File Shredder License