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Python for Beginners: Free Course from Microsoft

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In today’s technology-driven world, knowing how to code in Python—a powerful and flexible language—is crucial.

Python’s simplicity, readability, and diverse applications, it is perfect for beginners starting out in programming.

Microsoft has created a free course that covers all aspects of Python, given its immense significance. The course is both thorough and interactive.


Python for Beginners: Free Course by Microsoft

The goal of this course is to familiarize you with Python and teach you how to write programs and complete projects in Python.

You can access the full six-hour course by registering with your Microsoft account on the Microsoft Learn website. There is no prerequisite for this class and everyone is welcome to enroll.

The course is structured into thirteen sections that build on one another by covering various aspects of Python.

Python for Beginners- Free Course by Microsoft

Course Structure and Highlights

The course delves into the following key aspects of Python programming:

  • Installation and Setup: Establish a solid foundation by learning the basics of setting up the Python programming environment.
  • First Steps into Programming: Embark on an exciting journey into the world of programming, taking your first steps with Python.
  • Project Management: Discover efficient techniques for organizing and structuring your programming projects.
  • Logical Thinking and Data Manipulation: Master Boolean logic and mathematical operations, essential skills for making logical decisions and processing data effectively.
  • Lists, Loops, and Dictionaries: Gain proficiency in utilizing lists, loops, and dictionaries, fundamental tools for manipulating and storing information.
  • Functions and Error Handling: Develop advanced skills in writing clean, resilient code using functions and error-handling techniques.
  • Jupyter Notebooks: Explore Jupyter Notebooks, an interactive platform for testing and visualizing your code in action.

Python for Beginners Course Prerequisites

Interactive Learning Experience

Microsoft’s Python for Beginner’s course is unique among text-based tutorials since it uses an interactive method to teach the language.

Interactive projects, tests, and exercises motivate learners to try new things, make errors, and ultimately succeed.

You will learn Python concepts and programming principles more thoroughly with this hands-on method.

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Besides Microsoft’s course, you can find other free Python courses like “Python for Absolute Beginners!” on Udemy, the “Python Full Course for Free” on YouTube, and the “Free Python Programming Course” on freeCodeCamp.

Great Learning also provides a course called “Python Fundamentals for Beginners.”


If you’re starting your Python journey, Microsoft’s beginner course is a valuable resource. It’s well-structured, interactive, and focuses on practical applications—perfect for new programmers.

Mastering Python is not just about learning a language; it’s about opening doors to exciting careers and gaining a deeper understanding of the digital world in today’s tech-driven landscape.