ProxyPy Web Proxy : Secure Proxy for Chrome

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ProxyPy Web Proxy is a Google Chrome extension which is based on Google App Engine System and written in Python. This Proxy service allows chrome users to surf the web securely and fastly as it runs on Google virtual host.
All you need to do is click on the Proxypy Web Proxy (Globe) icon next to the browser address bar and enter the URL to surf anonymously.

ProxyPy Web Proxy Support HTTP and HTTPS, multiple encryption url encoding. It provides Fast, stable, and safe browsing on your Chrome browser.

ProxyPy Web Proxy Features :

  • Be anonymous online: Your IP address is your online identity and hiding behind this free proxy will enable you to become anonymous.
  • Bypass internet restrictions: Many sites are blocked in your work or school? They won’t be restricted using the ProxyPy free web proxy.
  • Security, identity fraud: If your network is insecure, ProxyPy web proxy can add another layer of security onto your network.
  • Running on Google: Not run in a general virtual host, but Google. It means faster and more stable.


Download : ProxyPy Web Proxy Extension For Chrome

Alternative :
1.Proxy Switchy : Easily use multiple proxies in Chrome
2.You can use the Proxy on Techno360 which is based on same app.

  1. My initial reaction when I read this:
    Google already collects a lot of data about us, when we visit webpages that are using any tools from Google (Ads, queries, whatever).
    Do you really want to use tools from Google to surf “anonymous”? In my opinion, “anonymous” is when the proxy-site deletes all data on their servers at regular intervals. Putting all the surfing information in a large database for “easy access”… NOT anonymous.

    On the other hand, using this tool to work around restricted websites is a good idea.

  2. you are not anonymous when the servers are in the USA. Google receives 50 letters from the justice department per day to reveal identity and show people’s actions.

  3. This is a little like Tor button on Firefox – neat idea! As for the idea that Justice department receiving letters each day all you need to do is use proxies away from US soil like Dales Gigs or something.

    Either way its still possible to browse safely.