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Protect Your Online Privacy with These Three Extensions Recommended by Mozilla

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In today’s data-driven world, our online activities are constantly being tracked and monitored by advertisers, websites, and other third parties. Online Privacy is a rare find in the digital age.

Most online platforms heavily depend on gathering data, sometimes reaching a point where it seems unmanageable. Mozilla, a staunch supporter of internet privacy, suggests three extensions to enhance your online session’s privacy.

The Reality of Web Crawling

Let’s face the truth: we are the commodity. The online economy relies on our data, regardless of how you feel about it.

Every service we use, every purchase we make, and every trip we take all contribute to the Big Data machine. Despite opt-in/opt-out options, they often seem as hard to grasp as legends like Camelot or the Holy Grail.

This reality collides with the necessity for many platforms to survive through advertising. However, Mozilla offers an alternative: lessen the impact of widespread tracking with three extensions. In a short video for TikTok, Mozilla recommended three extensions below.

The best part? They’re not limited to Firefox users; Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera users can also use them.

Limiting Web Tracking with Mozilla’s Recommended Extensions for Online Privacy:

Most websites and services gather data to offer personalized experiences and targeted ads. While this can be helpful, it often means sacrificing our privacy. Mozilla’s suggested extensions work to cut down on this tracking, giving users more control over their online data.

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Privacy Badger

Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Privacy Badger is an effective tool for blocking invisible trackers that snoop on your browsing habits. It employs a unique “remote learning” approach, continuously adapting to new tracking methods and ensuring comprehensive protection.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger works in the background without needing adjustments – just install it and let it do its thing!

Get the extension for your browser by visiting the developer page.


Decentraleyes stop websites from sending tracking requests to other servers. It acts like content delivery networks (CDNs), giving you local resources and stopping tracking attempts.

Decentraleyes Extension

This extension works smoothly with other privacy tools, making sure your browsing stays private. By blocking tracking requests, Decentraleyes teams up with Privacy Badger to boost your online privacy.

Grab the Web extension from the developer page.


Mozilla‘s third suggestion is ClearURLs.

ClearURLs do things differently. It tidies up URL addresses, getting rid of any tracking bits that websites add to your links. It keeps an updated list of rules to find and remove these tracking elements effectively.

While very effective, ClearURLs require a bit more care since address changes may break login systems in rare cases. But for most browsing, it helps expose hidden trackers in URLs.

Download the addon or extension from the official webpage.



In the fight for online privacy, these free and open-source extensions recommended by Mozilla offer a robust defense against invasive tracking.

While they may not solve all privacy concerns, they certainly provide users with more control over their data and how it’s used. Remember, in the world of Big Data, every little bit of privacy helps.

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