Prosper - Daily Planner and To-Do App for Free [Android/iOS]

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Keeping organized is not only essential in today’s fast-paced environment, it’s essential for success. Prosper App is here to help you organize your life with its powerful features and stylish style.

It’s a daily planner and to-do app available on both iOS and Android devices. For a limited time only, you can get the Lifetime in-app purchase—a €29.99 value—for free!

Prosper App: More Than Just a To-Do List

Prosper can help you have a more productive and stress-free day. The application is much more than just a to-do list.

Put an end to boring bullet points: this app has a beautiful, interactive timeline. Your complete day is laid out for you in a clear image when tasks are shown according to particular timings and durations.

Time spent, and unattainable goals are things of the past. Every second counts with Prosper’s smart design, which gets rid of distractions and keeps you focused on what’s important.

Key Features:

  1. Efficiently, manage your time and keep your tasks organized.
  2. Dynamic Timeline: In this stunning timeline view, you can see all of your tasks organized according to their start and end times.
  3. Efficiently Handle Tasks: Use Prosper’s user-friendly UI to keep track of all your to-do lists. For better time management, make many lists of things to do and make scheduling them easy.
  4. Smart reminders: Set up alarms for daily reminders to stay on track and maintain focus and productivity.
  5. Effortless Task Creation: Adding new items to your schedule is a breeze with the ability to create tasks with only a few touches.
  6. Quick and Easy Integration of Calendars: You can easily combine your tasks with events from your calendar by importing them. This handy app gives you a bird’s-eye perspective of your day’s plans, activities, and obligations.
  7. Rescheduling Tasks with Flexibility: Changing the order of events on the timeline is as easy as dragging and dropping.
  8. Increased Productivity: Use this robust task manager to zero in on what’s important and breeze through your to-do list.
  9. Use the built-in dark mode feature to save power and lessen eye strain while playing late at night.

Prosper App Lifetime for Free:

Download the app for your device:


Download the app, open it, and click the settings icon (Gear icon) on the main screen. Scroll down to the next window and tap the app version three times.

In the popup, enter the code: BUNDLE


Tap “Save.”

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