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Product Key Recovery Tool by PC Trek Free 6 Months License-Key Finder

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Product Key Recovery Tool by PC Trek can find and recover most of the keys for your favourite programs and games that you’ve already installed on your PC. It also has a lot of other useful features.

Even those keys that other similar products are unable to recover can be recovered because of the powerful deep registry scan, making this product unique.

When you need to reinstall your computer, you often can’t find the installation keys for your favourite or paid software and games. The same thing happens if you get a new computer and want to move the same software and games to it, but you can’t remember where you put the CD with the key.

In that case, you can use the Product Key Recovery Tool to fix the problem. This tool could find and get back most of the keys to your favourite programs and games that you’ve already installed. It also has a lot of other uses. This product can also get installation keys back from external hard drives that won’t boot up or are damaged.

This app can find keys for more than a few thousand programs, such as Microsoft Windows and Office, WinZip, Techsmith Camtasia Studio, VMWare Workstation, CyberLink PowerDVD, and others.

Product Key Recovery Tool UI

A system scan will begin immediately after the application has been installed and activated, in search of product keys. Users can also undertake a manual scan of their own if they prefer. As a result of the app’s automated scanning, the user saves both time and effort while attempting to reclaim access to their most frequently used apps.

When an activation key has been recognized, this application will display it in a resizable visualization, making it easy to manage the list.

Get Product Key Recovery Tool License(6 Months) for Free:

Download the software either from this link or from this link.

Run the program when it has been installed.

Click “Activate Now” on the app’s main screen, and then click “Register My 6-Month Free License.”

Then, type in your email address and click “Register.”

Check your email to see if “PC Trek” has sent you a confirmation email. You can confirm your account by clicking the link.

Click “Activate” on your desktop to get a free subscription for 6 months.

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