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Process Lasso by Bitsum Technologies will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability with its unique new technology. One can call this nifty software as a real-time PC optimization and automation utility.

It isn’t a task manager, instead, it has a fleet of algorithms designed to dynamically boost the performance of your PC.

It allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint – leading to freezes and hangs. The software will be very useful for systems with low memory.

Process Lasso prevents programs from hogging all your system resources, which can cause problems on your PC and slow down other things you are doing.

Process Lasso also manages how much power your PC consumes when active or idle. You can shut down any unwanted or misbehaving system processes using TaskManager, but Process Lasso is the far better tool for the job.


This software automatically stops programs hogging system resources and slowing things down. It can also adjust the priority of programs and help your system runs as efficiently as possible.

process lasso v7.8.2

The main window of the software lists all your PC’s running processes and it automatically stops memory hogs. There is also an ‘Actions log’, which records all your stopped and started processes and a real-time graph that shows your system statistics.

Installation of the program is quick and the file size is just around 1.98 MB, it’s available in both 32-bit & 64-bit version. Although the free version of this software is available, the Pro version has many advantages over the free edition, below screen-shot will give an overview of the difference between these two versions.

process lasso features

Get-Process Lasso Pro for Free :

A single PC one year license of Process Lasso Pro version will cost $32.95, now get the Pro version for free.



To get the activation code of the Pro version, visit this promo page and enter your name, email address to receive the activation code. Next, download the installer from below links according to your system configuration.

Download  Process Lasso v9.1.0.68:  32-bit version / 64-bit version.

Now after downloading, install it and launch the app, on the app’s main window click ‘Help —> Activate this software’ and enter your name (probably your email address), the activation code you received from the promo page and hit the ‘Activate Now’ button.


Note: This giveaway  is available only for version 


process lasso pro activation code




  1. Is this only one per IP address? I used the code you gave in the post this morning on one of my comps,.but tonight the code failed on a second one.All security disabled.How can I tell if pl activate.exe is connecting to the internet?

  2. Forgot to mention-exact same problem with the Zemanna AntiLogger giveaway last week.Used copy/paste and got a “code failed” when trying to register that one also.Seems to be only this lappy running Win7 HP 32bit-any idea where to start looking? Also,Avast,MBAM,and SAS(all freeware)take regular definition and version updates without incident.Seems to rule out internet connection.Avast is my only active security.Any ideas??

    1. I blame Avast some times its updates are fishy, I use Avast on my old XP desktop and some times I encouter problems in installing few softwares

  3. No…turns out the promo expired-Installed successfully on another comp running Avast on 12/15-thanks anyway

  4. This is a heads up for all about this giveaway.

    I heard that the serial number for this giveaway application v3.8 could be used to upgrade to v4, so I did it and it worked!


    Shortly afterwards I kept getting the request to re register the program, but it wouldn’t re register.

    So I contacted Bitsum Technologies who replied that the original giveaway by PC PRAXIS.DE on their advent calendar had not been authorised by them (BITSUM)
    And that they had not given permission for SOFTWARE BUTLER to host the giveaway of the license key either
    And therefore BITSUM TECHNOLOGIES cannot support the giveaway or give any free support to it or updates or upgrades either.

    However because the developer of Process Lasso JEREMY COLLAKE is a nice guy he has said the following (and I quote):

    “The give-away where you found that key was unauthorized.
    They sent people to my German reseller to sign up for their newsletter, then gave them that old v3 key.
    I do not know what to say except that NOBODY authorized that give-away.
    That site did it on its own.
    I’ve ‘let it slide’ , but I can not support the unauthorized give-away.
    I was shocked to find out about it myself when I started getting emails similar to yours

    The v3 key may or may not work (now).
    I discovered a larger problem with the activation system that persisted for the last 10 hours. However, the v3 activation system was different than the v4 activation system.
    It likely works now, but I won’t guarantee that.

    I figure, at this point, it is best to just let people have this give-away of version 3 (the old version). I’m happy to give away version 3 if people want the older version for some reason. So, I recommend only correcting them to say it is ONLY for version 3 – not the new version 4″

    So the crux of it is that although the giveaway was not authorised the developer is letting it go ahead with absolutely no guarantees that the serial number will work, and if it does work no guarantees as to how long for, plus there will be no support at all for the giveaway serial number and no updates and no upgrades.

    So if you’ve got it and it works, all well and good as long as you stick with v3.8 but if it stops working you either have to fix it yourself or the developer suggests you can do the following:

    (from the developer):

    1. Forget the German site, that is my German reseller and they aren’t as a nice as me 😉

    2. Download Process Lasso free edition.
    It is entirely free to use indefinitely except that some advanced features will disable after 14 days. You’ll also see a small little dialog at startup (only) and you click past it with one click.
    So, give it a try… If you like it, keep using it, or upgrade to the Pro version to help support my small company.

    Well that is it!
    If you’ve got it do NOT upgrade to v4 because that is how it gets disabled, stick with v3.8

    All the best to everyone and Happy Holidays everywhere!

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