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In this Digital age safeguarding your privacy is one of the most important issue, beacuse we are using PC or laptop or USB drives to store important documents, But what happens if a stranger gets a hold of the data on your hardware, so prevention is better than cure and for these needs Steganos Privacy Suite 11 is the only solution. Luckily there is a free offer set by Covermount which allows you to save $69.95 and Steganos Privacy Suite 11 for free.

If you are concerned about your online privacy and want to cover your tracks, then Steganos Privacy Suite is an essential suite that provides various forms of protection which covers different aspects of privacy.

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 provides :

  1. Safes:
  2. Locks and encrypts documents, photos and your e-mail post office in a virtual data safe. Secures USB sticks, CDs and DVDs when on the go.

  3. Password Manager:
  4. Organizes and manages all of your passwords and access information. All securely encrypted, of course. Supports Drag and Drop, or fills out website forms automatically.

  5. Shredder:
  6. Shreds unwanted data permanently—cannot be reconstructed by data recovery applications.

  7. Plus:
  8. E-mail and web favorites encryption functions, trace destructor, Steganography and optional Steganos AntiTheft.


Steganos Privacy Suite 11 Features :

  • Fully Compatible with Windows XP ,Windows Vista , and Windows 7
  • Uses an uncrackable (and world renowned) 256 Bit AES security algorithm.
  • Hides sensitive data in pictures and music. No one will discover the encrypted data hidden in these files.
  • Encrypts e-mails
  • Provides virtual keyboard which Protects you from Keyloggers
  • Stores your favorite websites in a password protected favorites list.
  • Steganos Password Generator helps you to create strong Passwords
  • Keeps all user passwords on-hand and automatically completes forms on websites
  • SteganosTraceDestructor ensures work documents and last visited web sites can’t be spied out.
  • Steganos Shredder Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations
  • Steganos Portable Safe turns USB sticks, mobile phones, iPods®, CDs, and DVDs into handy data safes

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 Free:

  1. Visit this German Promo Page
  2. Now enter your email address and click on the “Abschicken” button.
  3. With in a minute you will get Steganos Privacy Suite 11 License code in email-Inbox.
  4. Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 over here [33 MB]
  5. Install it, run the software then click “Enter Serial number” and paste your License code to activate fullversion

  1. Another privacy option is it both hides your identity via a proxy as well as encrypts all your interactions. I’m working with them now, and they are still in beta and offering free use while they are getting it ready to launch. It’s a Firefox plug-in and worth checking out. Thanks, David