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Prevx SafeOnline is an addon for your security suite that protects you from web born threats and ensures safe browsing, normally Prevx SafeOnline (v3.0) costs around $15, but Prevx is giving away this product absolutely for free.

About Prevx SafeOnline:

Prevx SafeOnline is one of the feature in Prevx 3.0, which  has other extra capabilities like Malware Removal and Realtime protection. Coming to Prevx SafeOnline , it secures your private information that you entered in or displayed by your Internet browser, by locking down the operating system and services to ensure that only “known good” processes and services are allowed to run.

Installation and Working :

The installation is very smooth, on installing Prevx SafeOnline, it will add a small tab on your browser address bar, that represents website protection status in two colors.

The Blue tab shows you have the standard SafeOnline protection for non-secure Web sites and the he Green tab shows you have the enhanced SafeOnline protection for secure Web sites, such as online banking and online shopping Web sites.

Protection for any website can be added by clicking Add Protection, by default, in the registered version, all HTTPS websites are already protected so the Add Protection button will change to Website Protected. Clicking on Website Protected will open the configuration for the domain to make any further configuration changes or add credentials to be secured .

Coming to configuration settings, it is divided into three parts – policy based configuration, domain based configuration, and per-domain credential protection. By defualt in registered version of SafeOnline, Configuration for all HTTPS websites is automatically turned on, which provides set-and-forget functionality to the underlying protection of user data.


  • Strong protection against browser-based attacks such as Screen Grabbers,Keyloggers and info Stealing Trojans
  • It even notifies about screen capture tools, well this is a small test about the ability of the software.
  • Fully compatible with all major browsers like I.E, Chrome ,Firefox and Opera.


  • Although it will not install any addons on your webrowser, but I noticed decrease in browsing speed in Chrome and Firefox, when compared to normal browsing speed.

Other than this I didn’t noticed any major drawbacks in the software.


How to get Prevx SafeOnline for Free?

    1. First login to your Facebook account and visit this Facebook page
    2. Now click on Get SafeOnline”button, you will forwarded on another Facebook page, then click on “Download Safeonline” and download the software
    3. Install it and it doesn’t requires any registration key


  1. Directly download the software from here


  1. I cannot open that links ?
    Now click on “Get SafeOnline” button, you will forwarded on another Facebook page, then click on “Download Safeonline” and download the software

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