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Pre-Order Free Ubuntu 8.10 Cd Now

The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the latest and greatest software to open source community ,earlier this month Ubuntu released a beta version of Ubunto 8.10.   The official version of ubuntu 8.10  is going to be released on October 30th, 2008.

If you have slower net connection or those of you who want to stay  ahead of the rest can now start ordering the copy of their Free Cd with Ubuntu’s ShipIt service.
Ubuntu 8.10 New features Include :

This Pre-order CD constitute of 2 editions “Desktop Edition” and “Server Edition”.If  you have faster internet connection, I would suggest  you to  download your Ubuntu 8.10 copy on 30th because the shipping of cds might take up to ten weeks to deliver.
Pre-Order Ubuntu 8.10  Now!

[Via NirmalTV]

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