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PostworkShop Pro from Xycod is an powerful image editing software that takes your digital photos one step further, it turns your ordinary photos into a work of art with just the click of a button. PostworkShop Pro is available for both mac and Windows platofrms.

PostworkShop Pro transforms will transform or render your photos into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel drawing or pencil sketch, abstract artwork or old-time photograph. In simple words you can turn a photo into a sketch or give a painted look.

PostworkShop Pro has 350 plus built-in Styles, so all you have to do is load a photograph and take advantage of 350+ artistic styles. Each style is unique and turns your photo into a different work of art.

It also offers optional customization of each style allowing endless supply of creative options.You can mix many other styles and blend them to create complex artistic effects then you can save it as new style,

PostworkShop Pro Edition has an easy to use interface, also you can check out the tutorials here to get familiar with the software.

Once you learn basics of the program, you can start creating amazing works of art from your photos. You can give your image an artistic touch by applying different styles or you can design your own styles in the node-based Style Editor. Drop filters and existing styles into the workspace and build a new, custom filter graph.

Also you can add watermark or signature with the Text Object without the need to switch between PostworkShop and other software programs.


PostworkShop Pro features :

  1. Over 350+ built-in styles to choose from to transform your photo into a work of art whether a watercolor, pencil sketch, or abstract drawing.
  2. One click transforms your photo into an artistic rendition. You can apply random styles to your picture to see what you like best or select a specific style.
  3. Add a new dimension to your creative workflow. PostworkShop will allow you to achieve unique styles and visions for your photos or electronic art.
  4. Build new styles easily with the node-based filter graph editor. Or just blend and tweak a few existing styles and save your layered composition as a new style.
  5. Adjust the properties of each style choosing the brush width, pencil line length, or number of passes, or mix styles using layers so no two photos every look the same
  6. Printed version looks just as stunning
  7. Exchange data with your graphic applications through industry standard file formats including layered Adobe® Photoshop® PSD images.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
  • Mac OS – 10.4/10.5/10.6 INTEL ONLY
  • RAM: 2GB min, 4GB recommended
  • When it comes to photo imaging software, PostworkShop Pro is definitely a powerful image manipulator with amazingly helpful tutorials and stunning image results, you can it  purchase at a cost of $99.