Portable Ubuntu :Use Ubuntu within Windows OS

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One of the reasons why many do not even dare to try Ubuntu is because of the installation process, which has yet to be simplified , it remains the most sensitive issue for beginners.Although according to me Installing Ubuntu is easier.

Portable Ubuntu a Free application for windows is a great option for beginners with Linux. Portable Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, a variation of Ubuntu, which will allows you to run Linux within Windows without any complexity.The advantage is that after installing Portable Ubuntu , you’ll get Ubuntu menu system through which you can launch applications that Ubuntu brings such as  OpenOffice or even install new applications through Synaptic.

Portable Ubuntu for Windows is CoLinux with an Ubuntu 8.04 (desktop) image and Xming. Colinux is bare metal virtualization for Windows. Xming is a X server for windows.

How to use Portable Ubuntu ?

First Download Portable Ubuntu from here which will about 440 MB when uncompressed it holds 1.86 GB of space and then run the file run_portable_ubuntu.bat which is in the root folder (where you unzipped Portable Ubuntu).


Some of it’s Key Features:

  • Requires less than 50 MB of Ram
  • It works almost on all systems.
  • It can even run from USB Drives
  • You run Windows and Linux at the same time.
  • you can save your  work to windows files
  • It is easily manageable along with windows
  • Works without any complexity and no need to configure any thing

For those who want to try Linux without changing anything about your system (even the boot order ), Portable Ubuntu is without doubt the best option, since it doesn’t require any configuration.

Note : According to it’s website Documentation , password for the pubuntu user is 123456. It is useful know it when you need to use sudo or gksu applications

(Administrative/System tools).


official Website :Portable Ubuntu
Download : Portable Ubuntu For Windows

via : Life hacker