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Poke:Cheat Almost all Windows games.

I stumbled across a cool little program today called Poke.
What is Poke?
It’s a fairly simple to use universal cheat program for single player Windows games.Poke is a very cool utility that lets you go in and change values to whatever you want.

It needs just a bit of help. Say you want to change the amount of money you have. You tell Poke how much you have. It finds possible storage locations. You spend a bit of money and give it the new value. It checks to see which of those locations match. You may have to do this a few times, but you eventually end up with the correct location (or locations in some tricky games). You can then give that location a label (like “Money”) — and change it.

you can check out the website which explain about this in screen shots.

This program is fairly simple to use and works with many games — but probably not all. But it is a free program and worth a try if you want to cheat.

Web Site:

Download Poke(170k)


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