PlayEar iPhone App for Free

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PlayEar app  by EPLAYWORKS, is a very unique iPhone/iPad/iPod  App and I like to use this in my office, whenever I use this I get Jamesbond like feeling. Last month I bought this in appstore for $2.99 and now it is free.But I don’t regret for buying this, because it helped me  a lot to listen pleasant music  and able to concentrate on other tasks.

Why I’m boasting about this app, because it allows you to listen to music without the worry of missing out on external conversations. PlayEar acts as your third ear, it reacts to outside noise while you are listening to music.For instance if some one starts speaking while you are Listening Music, the app will immediately pause the music and lets you know what’s going on out side.

It is operated by a standard ear microphone offered by iPhone. It includes a recording device so you can check for any missed outside noise later. Also by using advanced settings, you can tell the app how to react to sounds.


  1. Basically, it performs as a music player.
  2. It reacts to outside noise while you are listening to music so that it can pause or control the volume automatically.
  3. It records every sound while you are listening to music so that it allows you to check for what you missed and when you missed.
  4. By recording only detected outside noise, it conveniently minimizes storage space.
  5. It also functions as a hearing aid unless you play music.
  6. It is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
  7. Useful Tips:

    *Deep Sleep – You can record your breathing pattern while you sleep to check the quality of your sleep. The voice-activated recording app will automatically record your snoring for you to hear when you wake up.

    * Learning a foreign language – You can program it to pause what is being played by your voice. This feature allows you to repeat what you just heard. The PlayEar App will automatically resume play when you stop talking. This is great for learning a foreign language.



    So for a LIMITED TIME, this $2.99 app is available for free at itunes app store. If you are interested try it out!