Play with Obama on Super Obama World

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Super Obama world is a remake of the popular game Super Mario World, one of the earliest and best games console available for 16-bit Super Nintendo. Take control of the newly elected American president Barack Obama and confront pigs, pitbulls with lipstick, mothers of hockey, business executives, Russian soldiers and other enemies.

The first level is set in Alaska, Obama goes on a quest for flags…American Flags in Super Obama World. On his journey through different levels, he encounters pigs that he may stomp, and needs to avoid those that attempt to give him money, clothes or other items. ZenSoft, the developer of Super Obama World, announces the addition of new levels imitating the electoral race that has ended with the victory of Barack Obama. More levels are set in Alaska, Illinois (the state of Barack Obama), Arizona (MacCain) and Washington DC.

The game is absolutely free and is available online .The only requirement Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher version .