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Plant ID & Disease Identifier App for iOS Now Free (Worth $30)

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Do you love plants but struggle to identify them or keep them healthy? If so, you’re not alone. Plant identification and care can be tricky, especially for beginners. But that’s where the Plant ID & Disease Identifier app comes in.

This powerful app uses AI to identify over 33,000 classes of plants, flowers, and leaf varieties. It can also diagnose plant diseases and provide treatment recommendations. Plus, it offers a wealth of information on plant care, including watering, lighting, and fertilization requirements.

Plant ID & Disease Identifier


The Plant ID & Disease Identifier app simplifies gardening with these fantastic features:

  1. Plant Recognition: Just snap a pic or type in the name to discover the scientific and common names, plus additional info.
  2. Disease Detection: Spot an ailing plant? The iOS app can diagnose the issue and offer treatment tips.
  3. Plant Search: Look up plant names, uncover their care requirements, and add them to your virtual garden.
  4. AI Care Guide: Find detailed care instructions for each virtual garden plant, including watering, lighting, and fertilization.
  5. Water Reminders & Tracking: Set custom watering reminders and keep tabs on your progress.
  6. Nature Encyclopedia: Dive into the plant world with articles on growth, health benefits, and disease diagnosis.

Plant ID & Disease Identifier iOS App


The iOS app brings significant advantages to plant enthusiasts:

  1. Time and Money Saver: Easily identify plants and diagnose diseases, saving you both time and money in research or professional consultations.

  2. Plant Knowledge: Explore the app’s vast database and informative articles to expand your understanding of plants and their care.

  3. Healthier Gardens: With personalized care guidance from the app, your plants will flourish, resulting in a vibrant and robust garden.


Get the Plant ID & Disease Identifier app for Free:

The Plant ID & Disease Identifier app is normally $30, but it is currently available for free for a limited time.

To download the app, simply visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.


If you want to enhance your gardening skills and effortlessly identify plants, the Plant ID & Disease Identifier app is an excellent option.

With its vast database, AI-driven identification and diagnosis, and customized care guidance, this app is a must for any gardening lover. And here’s the best part–it’s currently free in the App Store.