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Pixarra Selfie Studio Free License-Selfie Photo Editing Made Easy

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Pixarra Selfie Studio is a fully-featured program for editing and enhancing selfies and other images with a wide variety of artistic filters. It has the ability to automatically apply changes and also gives you tools like brushes and sliders for finer control.

When you take a lot of selfies, you may find that you need to edit and add some filters before you’re satisfied with the results. You don’t have to go to a specialist, especially if you’re not looking for paid work. Instead, you can use software tools.

If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, you can use an easier-to-use app like Selfie Studio, which can make some changes automatically and gives you brushes and tools to make your own changes in just a few easy steps.

Selfie Studio gives you the creative tools you need to make your photos look just the way you want them to. Selfie Studio is part of the Studio line of products from Pixarra. It draws on the success of existing Studio products by Pixarra and helps you get better photos faster.

Pixarra Selfie Studio UI

An easily navigable graphical user interface wraps the software, providing quick access to the image preview, editing tools, filters, masks, layers, and color adjustments.You can begin by importing.bmp,.emf,.gif,.jpg,.pcd,.pcx,.png,.psd,.tbr (TwistedBrush),.tga,.tif,.wmf,.wbmp,or.wcd files. These are the file types to which you can export photos.

The software comes with a wide variety of brushes for diverse purposes, including tone mapping, sigmoidal contrast, normalize, high pass, auto levels, smart blur, vibrance, grayscale, desaturate, despeckle, and radiant. Some of them can be automatically applied, while others require manual adjustment.

You can add an artistic touch, borders, boxes, folds, or frames, enhance photos, reduce noise, adjust the layout, or add special effects like super vivid detail, glow, or neon style from the menu bar.

Get Pixarra Selfie Studio for Free:

Download the software from the developer page:

After installation, the first time you open the program you will see a window that looks like the one in the following screenshot.
Click the “Enter Key” button and enter below license code.


Hit the “OK” button, and that’s it.

Pixarra Selfie Studio License