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Picasa now available for Mac!

Picasa for mac
When I switched from windows to Mac last year,I missed the most was Picasa, (Google’s free photo management tool), as I was of fan of picasa for it’s ease of use, interface design, and speed or stability.

Although i met iPhoto which is very similar to picasa and perform many of the same functions, including photo editing basics like red-eye removal, cropping, straightening, etc.

Picasa is Google’s free photo library and editing software. It’s well established on Windows, but Mac users have previously been limited to uploading photos from Apple’s iPhoto software to Picasa Web Albums to share with others.

If you’ve been looking for that perfect competitor for iPhoto and don’t want to lay down all of your money for Aperture or PhotoShop, you’ll be delighted to hear that after so long Google has officially announced the availability of the a public beta of Picasa for your Mac.


According to the note on the blog of Picasa, Picasa for Mac looks and works much like Picasa on other platforms, and offers trademark Picasa features excluding some features such as geotagging, or online print ordering, and export to HTML.

I just downloaded the program and tried momentarily.
The program itself is fairly well integrated,Something that struck me enough attention, is the speed of the program. While iPhoto is quite fast and responds quickly, Picasa was even faster, showing the thousands of photo on your hard drive instantly (once imported) without any problem.

However, PowerPC owners are out of luck as Picasa will run on (any) Intel based (macs) like Mac OS X v10.4 or later with at least 100MB available for the download.

Download : Picasa 3.0(beta)

via google blog and Picasa ReadMe

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