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Photolemur from Skylum software is an award-winning photo enhancement utility for Mac and Windows. This photo utility perfects your photos using artificial intelligence, smart tech, and a bit of magic.

Photolemur is an absolutely automatic photo enhancer that uses Artificial Intelligence to apply all the enhancements your image needs, on its own. All you have to do is to import your image to the app, and the photo enhancer does everything else automatically from there.

Photolemur 3 interface

Simple to use, a few clicks and through 12 technologies (from color recovery to noise reduction), your photos will be cleaned up beautifully.

The app’s innovative user-centered interface puts all the focus on your images and doesn’t confuse you with complex sliders. Sleek & sharp on the outside, this photo assistant houses the most advanced image processing technology on the inside. And you keep full control over the result.

Photolemur can be used on macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 7 or higher(64-bit). The app also works as a Photoshop and Lightroom plugin.



1. Enhance face & skin in one click.
Face Finish technology automatically smooths skin, removes imperfections, enhances eyes, and whitens teeth. It’s subtle but dramatic.

2. Packed with technologies.
Photolemur’s AI brain automatically transforms your images from good to great by analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments.

3. Improve multiple photos at once.
Drag & drop all of your images and enhance them in one click.

The powerful AI distinguishes between portraits, landscapes, macro, and more styles of photographs to apply the correct enhancement.

No photo editing experience? No problem! Photolemur’s AI Brain does all the work for you. Simply drag and drop into the app and export back to your computer.

6.Batch update – one simple operation will transform any number of images at once.

7.Color Recovery – restore brilliant dazzling colors and all related shades.

8. For MAC – Enhances RAW, JPG, and more files.

9. Works as a Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Plugin.

Get Photolemur 3 License for Free:

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Enter your name,  email address, and hit the “Submit” button.

Check your email inbox for an email from Skylum Team ( This email provides license code and link to download the installer (both Windows & Mac).

Install the software and activate the full version with the license code you received.
Photolemur 3 license code