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Photo HDR Pro by Vertexshare Free License- Mac & PC

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Photo HDR Pro by Vertexshare is a desktop program that lets you combine photos with different exposures into one HDR photo. It has an insane number of parameters and decorative items, so you can quickly change the way your HDR photos look.

HDR is a great technique that lets you make realistic photos by combining different exposures of the same scene. In photography, there are many times when we need to use the HDR technique. When there isn’t enough light or there is too much backlight, parts of the photo will be very dark. HDR can fix this by making the dark parts of the picture brighter without overexposing the bright parts.

Your camera can’t get the details of a landscape with a lot of contrast, but HDR can get the details you can use. Too much light on the face makes things like bright glares or dark shadows that don’t look good. HDR can fix these problems to improve the look of the portrait.

There are a lot of photo editing apps that help you make HDR photos. One such app is Vertexshare Photo HDR.

Vertexshare Photo HDR Pro UI

Vertexshare Photo HDR Pro Features:

  • Merge images with different exposures to make an HDR image that doesn’t have halos, artifacts, or aberration.
  • With three different tone mapping algorithms, you can make dramatic HDR photos.
  • It gives your HDR images and photos a great vignette effect that makes them look even better.
  • Built-in filters that make your HDR photos look more creative with just one click.
  • Advanced HDR algorithms to improve color and contrast.
  • Get rid of artifacts and noise in your HDR photos to keep the high quality.
  • Standalone software that works on both Mac and Windows computers.
  • Easy to Use: There are no learning curves; just move the slider to get the amazing HDR effect.

Get Vertexshare Photo HDR Pro for Free:

Download the software for your device from the below links.



Install the software, launch the app and on the main window click the “Key” icon.

Enter the below license code and hit the “Activate” button.


Vertexshare Photo HDR Pro License