Phosphor:A high level online shooter

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Phosphor is an online shooting Game that has nothing to envy to Doom or the more popular Unreal Tournament, which require installation on a PC.

Probably many of you tend to regard this term ‘high-level’ ,as we all know that usually online games are developed with Flash technology or similar and thus have strong limitations in terms of graphics and user experience. In this case, however, we can assure that once you tried Phosphor ,you can experience 3D graphics.

Phosphor can offer an authentic experience in 3D gaming and in many ways, both in terms of graphics controls and configurations, remembers the very first versions of Unreal Tournament. If you start playing by maintaining the default settings, your character will fight in deathwatch mode against four merciless bots, but alternatively you can configure number of bots and their intelligence and enable multiplayer games via the Internet or LAN against your other friends: in the latter case, a set of PC as a server while all other mode client access. In terms of settings you can configure the audio and video settings more congenial to the resources of your PC hardware.

Phosphor is an excellent free alternative to classic shooter games, also is free and does not require a computer with high performance,requires only browser connected to the Internet and equipped with the Macromedia Shockwave plugin (which will be installed automatically after your confirmation, the first time you try to start the game).

Try Phosphor here